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Mid Size Pay Per Click Search Engines

Mid size pay per click search engines: While not providing the same exposure as Overture or Google AdWords, the following engines can still provide quality traffic.

Mid Sized Pay Per Click Search Engine List

  • FindWhat: Not quite the reach of Google or Overture, but FindWhat has many strong distribution partners. FindWhat offers more traffic than most other search engines in this category.
  • ESpotting: ESpotting is the UK and European version of Overture. While Espotting is not overly popular in the United States, it is one of the top couple search engine forces in Europe.
  • Kanoodle: Kanoodle has many great contextual advertising partners and many cutting edge ad features.
  • LookSmart: While initially considered a human directory, LookSmart charges its commercial listings per click in a keyword auction format, and has decent distribution though its partner network.
  • Enhance Interactive: Enhance Interactive was probably the first honest pay per click provider I used.
  • Other Mid Sized Pay Per Click Search Engines: A few other search engines in this category are:

Problems With Mid Sized Pay Per Click Search Engines

  • Fraud: The smaller engines are going to be more susceptible to fraud.
  • Distribution: After Google AdWords and Overture the distribution level of various pay per click search engines falls off sharply.
  • Feedback: Smaller pay per click search engines have a slower feedback loop.
  • Time: Usually time spend improving top tier price per click campaigns would be more beneficial than using a bunch of smaller search engines.

Why Large Pay Per Click Engines are Better

Remember it is not cost per click, but cost per action which is really important. Thus the higher quality traffic provided by the broad coverage of top tier price per click search engines is worth a premium on three levels.

  • Saves time.
  • Less susceptible to fraud (assuming you do not get in bidding wars on poorly targeted terms).
  • Some of the larger pay per click search engines have free tracking and geotargeting. Both features can improve your ROI.

Suggestion for Mid Size PPC Search Engines

Large PPC search engines typically have better distribution and better features. I would suggest trying mid sized pay per click search engines only after I tried using Google AdWords and Overture.

Rants and Raves:

  • Enhance Interactive, Kanoodle, and Search123 seem to have great customer service.
  • I am not a fan of ePilot for there large opening fee ($100).
  • I am not a fan of 7search - I do not feel comfortable using their engine.
  • SearchFeed has distribution through a ton of small partners so their ROI can very greatly from term to term.
  • I have been told that customer service at LookSmart is rather slow and a great source of frustration for many webmasters.

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