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Small Pay Per Click Search Engines

About Small Pay Per Click Search Engines

I could list a thousand small PPC search engines and then you would understand how easy it is to make your own. Time spent on many of these type of pay per click search engines would be better spent on optimizing and improving site layout or improving other pay per click search engine accounts. A pay per click search engine without traffic is worthless. See also: why small PPC search engines are bad.

To save yourself hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars please read our tips for pay per click search engines. Also I would read our PPC bonus warning page, as it shows why deposit bonuses for smaller search engines are worthless.

Example Small Pay Per Click Search Engines

  • Dygo - bid per word, not per click. up to 100 words free when you join.
  • Aequorea.com - small directory which started by paying 5 cents to get people to list their web site which changed itself to a pay per click search engine.
  • Open PPC Project - in the title alone it is somewhat an oxymoron, but if it ends up well ran it could provide decent high targeted results.
  • Other small pay per click search engine examples:

Pay Per Click Search Engine Scripts

Special note about third rate search engines: It costs less than $100 to buy a pay per click search engine script. This should make large "free offers" or "deposit bonuses" seem questionable since they are worthless unless the search engine drives significant traffic.

Example Pay Per Click Search Engine

Don't just take my word for it, view my small pay per click search engine - http://www.101cigarettes.com. I created it, but have too much guilt to really actively promote it, which most people do not even know how to do :(

If they do not actively promote their search site, that $150 free on top of the $50 you spent will never draw any traffic. If they do not find a creative niche to advertise and keep visitors coming back, then that pay per click search engine could have not only wasted your time, but also $20 or $50 to boot.

If the site seems sketchy you can view the traffic of that pay per click search engine web site using Alexa. Search around the discussion forums to see what people have to say about it.

Suggestion for Small PPC Search Engines

Large PPC search engines typically have better distribution and better features. In addition they have faster feedback loops. I would not use my time advertising on smaller pay per click search engines unless something amazing compelled me to. Try Google AdWords and / or Overture prior to trying out other pay per click search engines.

If you have a product which you can not advertise on Google AdWords or Overture you may want to try out FindWhat or some of the other second tier search engines.

Rants and Raves:

  • Some people have actually created clicking agents which just click on anything. Fraud protection for smaller engines is not usually going to be as good as fraud protection for larger engines.
  • Feedback loops with small PPC search engines generally are slow and the site may not drive any real traffic.
  • You never know what you are getting when you go with something that is new or small.

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