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About ePilot

ePilot is a mid sized price per click search engine which serves over 300 million monthly searches. If you bid at least .07 per click ePilot offers distribution to SureSeeker, 24/7 Realtime Media, Mamma, NetZero and other premium sites. The minimum deposit to open an account is $100, which is more than even Overture charges. Google understands the concept that the value of your product will provide more money in the long run if the entry price is reasonable. ePilot either does not recognize this, or does not think highly of its product.

Interchange (the parent company of ePilot is beta testing local search software)

ePilot Tools

Tool compares prices at many of the small to medium sized pay per click search engines.


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If you span across multiple price per click search engines it is a good idea to track the investments you have made to see which engines are investments, and which are just money spent.

ePilot Details

minimum CPC
cost to open an account
promotional specials
monthly minimum
time to set up an account
web reach
over 500 million monthly searches
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Suggestion for ePilot

The time spent on an ePilot account would be better spent optimizing an Overture or Google AdWords account. For a $100 entry, you would be better to spend the money getting consultation or maybe buying the Google AdWords Report ($69) I advertise on almost every page :)

Like many of the other PPC services I have got negative feedback about ePilot emailed to me. With smaller engines sometimes it is hit or miss based on your market segment. You must have ROI tracking in place before you consider any of the small PPC search engines, and should be using at least the internal tracking the larger engines provide.


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