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Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

Google allows publishers to paste AdWords ads on their pages. If you click on them the publisher of the page generates a portion of the revenue. Once a site is accepted into the Google AdSense program the same code can be used on every page of that site and on other web sites (assuming those site fit the Google AdSense quality guidelines).

The Google AdSense allows you to place a Google search box on your website and share ad revenue when people click on ads on the search results page.

Tips to Help You Advertise with Google AdSense

Google reads the content of AdSense publisher web pages to determine what their pages are about. When attempting to match ads with those pages Google considers:

  • not a single keyword, but the entire keyword list associated with an ad group;
  • adgroup creatives are also used to help understand what ads to display;
  • max PPC and clickthrough rate also play into the order of the ads displayed; and
  • you want to use well themed keyword adgroups to help ensure your ads are delivered properly. Including generic words like laptop can make it harder for Google to understand what your adgroup is trying to sell.
  • Using appropriate campaign negative keywords can also help further target your ads.
  • Google offers effective contextual advertising tips in this free 9 minute video.

  • For expensive keywords you may want to disable syndication on the original group. Create a second group using the same keywords and bid a lower maximum bid and turn on content syndication for that group.

Try Google AdSense

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Google AdSense Advantages over Affiliate Programs

Using most affiliate programs you are typically dependant upon a sale at the destination site to generate revenue. If that site has a broken cart, or their server is down, if that site is hard to use ... you lose. What if the company you are selling for is dishonest ... you lose. One account I had accrued over $90 before a dishonest company shut their site down. I sold thousands of dollars of their product, and then they bagged me, I know I don't have to worry about that with Google AdSense.

How Google AdSense came about

Google bought Applied Semantics, which enables them to scan web pages and view off the page factors for ad placement purposes. Google AdSense creates relevant ads because it automatically adjusts the ads to fit the page content. In essence you can sell free information and Google will do everything else for you.

Why Google AdSense is Good for the Web

In creating this program Google may have helped all search engines. One of the biggest struggles current search engines are facing is that they can not connect people to information that does not exist. If I know I can make a living from writing information , I am likely to post many high quality pages.

Problems with Google AdSense

Google does not allow publishers to discuss their payout rates. Some people are screaming about the gag order, or the unknown payout rates. The truth of the matter is, the more information Google gives out about its AdSense program, the less successful it will become. Sure AdSense is not perfect, but it is a step in the right direction for the web to have easily accessible high quality sites. The Google AdSense program is still new and fragile.

Low quality publishers are decreasing ad value. Some people have stated that they are losing money due to poor quality AdSense clicks. Many people are creating junk low quality cross referencing directories with the aim of selling AdSense ad clicks.

How Much Revenue can Google AdSense Generate?

The Google AdSense program uses Google AdWords, which has over 100,000 advertisers and has automated relevancy ranking included into the product.

If you run a poor AdWords ad your price per click keeps going up until your ads are disabled. While the TOS prevent me from discussing the details of the Google AdSense program, I believe the compensation to be more than fair!

Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of AdSense Publishing

When people use PPC advertising tracking is what allows their campaigns to evolve. The same thing is true with publishing ads.

You do not want to write articles that are contrived sounding, but you want to publish in a manner that encourages high clickthrough rates. Usually using the most common ad layouts is likely not a good idea.

Sometimes blending is the answer and sometimes you want the ads to stick out. Either way channel tracking will allow you to track your CPM on a site by site basis. While running special tests you may also want to try various ad layouts. Whatever you do make sure you track it.

What if I do Not Get Accepted to AdSense?

You can try to fix up your site to comply with Google's AdSense program policies. If you would like to try some of the other context based ad programs on the web a few other options are Kanoodle and Enhance Interactive. Some companies such as SearchFeed and ePilot also allow you to share in their PPC profits.

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