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No B/S Google SEO Tips:

Google is a search engine which is primarily focused on link reputation. For non competitive terms a well structured document can rank ok. If your terms are competitive though you need to get many keyword rich inbound links from a variety of different sites.

Some people think Google is all about PageRank, but since PageRank is too easy to manipulate the primary driving force is number of sites linking to you and the associated link text (as well as getting links from sites in the right communities for competitive terms).

Google may use multiple algorithims based on the size of the community related to the search query. Where large communities exist they likely are using Google Hilltop. Where no machine identifiable community exists they likely use more primitave search relevancy algorithms.

I also created a page focused exclusively on Google SEO Tips.

Additionally you can appear off to the side of search results or in a colored box at the top of search results by participating in the Google AdWords program.

Google History

Google came from a three year Stanford research project in 1998. Google has developed into such a legacy that people even track the original comments from its creation. Larry Page asking about his java bot.

Google Algorithm Shifts

Near the end of 2003 Google began to look at search from a more community driven and / or semantic angle. In addition they tried out algorithms which appeared as if they aimed to separate commercial vs non commercial results based on these semantics. The new algorithms were not providing results which were up to snuff, so Google had to tune down much of the more advanced semantic algorithmic shifts that occurred.

Why Google is Successful

While many companies over diversified and lost focus, Google initially had a clear focus on its product - search. Other companies in the search space saw search as a commodity and Google developed amazing brand.

Some of the things which set Google apart from all the other search engines are that it:

  • set up a human aided feedback loop using Google PageRank. Google was the first engine to heavily incorporate sophisticated link analysis into their algorithm.
  • clearly separates advertisements from its search listings
  • created the concept of PageRank, which allows even dumb people to talk about their technology and still sound smart. By building their marketing messages into the product and making it easy to spread they built a brand which dominates the competition.
  • their search results may not be much better than other search engines but they have the common public perception that they are

Google Hilltop

Google Hilltop is an algorithm which reorganizes search results based on an expert rating system.

In the Hilltop white paper they talk about how they can use expert documents to help compute relevancy. An expert document is a non affiliated page which links to many related resources. If page A is related to page B and page B is related to page C then a connection between A & C are assumed.

Additionally Hilltop states that it strongly considers page title and page headings in relevancy scores (in fact these elements can be considered more important than link text). Likely Hilltop also considers the links pointing into the page and site which your links come from.

The benefit of Hilltop over raw PageRank (Google) is that it is topic sensitive - and is thus generally harder to manipulate than buying some random high power off topic link would be. The benefits of Hilltop over topic distillation (Teoma) are that Hilltop is quicker & cheaper to calculate, and that it tends to have more broad coverage.

When Hilltop does not have enough expert sites the feature can be turned off. It is believed that Google is using Hilltop to help sort the relevancy for some of their search results today. Google Hilltop is part of the reason that on topic links are important in competitive fields.

Submit Your Site to Google

Though the best way to get listed in any search engine is to be found from a link from another site, you can get listed in Google by adding your site free at the Google add url page, or by using the following form below.


Why do my Google rankings change frequently

Google is on a rolling update of the web and has multiple data centers. In the past Google did a monthly dance. Google still does major updates about once a month and a continual smaller rolling update. Google also tests many new algorithms on the live web each month.

Instead of focusing on trying to tweak your pages in perfectly the best way to improve Google rankings is to get more keyword rich links pointing at your site.

Checking Inbound Links & Pages Indexed in Google

To check and see if your site is listed in Google, perform a search. If you are listed in Google you can check your incoming links using link:www.url.com. Please note that Google only shows a random partial sampling of backlinks using the link function.

To see if this site was listed I would type the following text in the box (with quotes) "+www.search-marketing.+info"


On their results page the colored portion at the top are paid listings as well as those off to the right side. The ads on the search results page are called Google Adwords. There is no way to pay Google money to list in Google's regular search results.

The Google Toolbar

The Google toolbar (download) shows PageRank and also has a backlink lookup feature. On top of both of these elements, the Google toolbar also allows the user to highlight certain words in the text. More in depth Google Toolbar information.

Google and Spam:

Google is primarily a mathematical company and they do not like to edit their search results. They did edit out WhenU for cloaking once they found out about it, but usually they take care of spam via algorithms.

You can report spam to Google to help them improve their algorithms if you want to, but they usually will not update their search results to reflect specific spam you report.

If your site is kicked out of the index for an automated spam penalty it will usually come back after 60 days if the thing that triggered the spam penalty has been removed. You also can send them an email to help [at] google.com after you have cleaned up your site. If you are still having problems after emailing them a few times you can call them at 650-330-0100.

Google Tools & Specifications:

Incoming Links link:mysite.com (includes internal pages, and does not show all results)
Pages Indexed site:mysite.com &
site:www.mysite.com (they may be different depending on inbound links)
Spider Name Googlebot
Directory size over 3 billion resources
US Distribution ~ 50% of web search
(AOL + Google + others)
  Report spam to Google.

How to list in Google: free get links from sites listed in Google, site submit or submit to DMOZ paid Google AdWords see Google AdWords Tips

Google provides results for:

InfoSpace - provides an input to the meta search engines
and many others such as Earthlink, IWon, Netscape...
About network (ads)

Google is powered by:

Google - primary search provider
Google Adwords - provides ads
Google also has a supplemental index. it says supplemental result on the right side, next to the listed result. here is an example Google search which shows supplemental results
DMOZ - provides the RDF dump which powers the Google Directory.

Other Google Products:

Google Toolbar - simple search tool which equipped with many search features (see about the Google Toolbar)
Google Directory - DMOZ directory feed organized by PageRank
Google Groups - Google purchased the former Deja Groups
Google Image Search - self explanatory :)
GMail - email service
Keyhole - world maps
Google Catalogs - allows searching of catalogs (beta)
Google Print - allows searching of books (beta)
Froogle - shopping comparison search engine (beta)
Blogger - personal publishing software
Google News - computer syndicated independent news feed
Google AdWords - price per click ad network (see about Google AdWords, View Google AdWords Tips)
Google AdSense - publishing ad network (see about Google AdSense)
Google Answers - offers in dependant expert question answers for a price
Google Zeigest - offers top web searches and Google search trends
Google Store - offers Google paraphernalia for sale
Google Deskbar - allows websearch bypassing the windows browser
Orkut - Google's social networking program
Picasa - photo software company
Google Labs - they are always working on something cool!

See Also:

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