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How to Get a Top 10 Google Listings

The Law of Supply and Demand

Many people want top 10 rankings in Google for exceptionally competitive keywords. Only 10 people can rank there.

If you are in a high margin field (such as insurance, gambling, porn, pharmacy) then significant investment will likely be necessary.

Most search queries are somewhat random in nature. You can't be certain what exactly will be typed into a search box. Ranking well for many targeted super niche specific phrases can help you rank well.

Do What You are Interested In

You are more likely to create something worthwhile if you are interested in what you are doing.

With the endless sea of opportunity the web provides why should you do anything other than what you enjoy?

The Importance of Building Brand

Many traffic estimates are made much larger by automated bots. I have (as of writing this) a top 10 ranking in Google for SEO (on my SEO Book site) and get about 10 - 20 visitors a day for "seo."

I also get 10 - 20 visitors a day for "seo book" because I have branded the hell out of the name of my SeoBook.com site.

Even if the algorithms change a ton tomorrow and my SEO ranking drops a bit I will still do fine because I have spent a ton of time and money building a brand (and it would be exceptionally hard to outrank me for my domain name). On the web brand is frequently the difference between extreme success and just getting by or failing.

Basic SEO is a commodity service. Something anyone could probably pick up in a week. I make ok wages because I have worked super hard to establish brand.

The Most Efficient Way to get a Top 10 Ranking in Google

  • Create a good idea that naturally wants to spread; or
  • Include a viral marketing idea into the product or service; or
  • Create a standard that many powerful sites would want to reference without asking (like Adobe PDF).

The web is a social medium. If you are paying recurring fees for almost all the links pointing at your site then likely you are missing out on what the web is all about.

The Next Best Way

Get tons of keyword rich inbound links from tons of different sites.

Step by step:

  • Know your business model and what you intend to create. If you do not have a business model or are unsure of what you want to make then make a site about things that interest you until you stumble across what you want to do.
  • If you do not yet have a domain name try to get a short and brandable keyword rich (with at least on of your primary keywords in it when possible) domain name. When I wanted to sell an SEO Book I bought the domain name seobook.com. It will not always be that easy but creativity goes a long way here.
  • What really helps you with a keyword rich domain name is that people are likely to link to you using the words that are in the domain name.
  • If you are unsure of what your best keywords will be set up test PPC campaigns with Google AdWords and/or Overture.
  • Register your site with directories.
  • Write articles and get them syndicated. You may want to write a few press releases too. Participating in some forums can help build your link popularity.
  • Create feedback loops which automatically help spread your message. This works best if it is part of step 1 :)
  • You will likely need to spend some amount of money unless you are promoting a great idea.
  • Exchange links / buy links / ask for links / advertise / rent links, etc. I would not rent links with recurring fees until after I registered my site with a ton of directories.
  • Whenever possible get your keywords in the link text. You should also use multiple variations for your link text to prevent your link popularity from looking automated.
  • Sometimes creating useful tools helps create free links.
  • When you have questions ask. The forums listed below are awesome.

The Completely Ineffective Way to Gain Top Rankings

Continually build content without purpose.

Links Are Key

I can't emphasize that enough.

PageRank helps but PageRank is somewhat overrated. Lots of keyword rich links from lots of independent locations is the key to ranking well...especially building lots of links from sites with related themes.

When Building Content

Make sure each page on your site has some reason for being there (This was a major flaw with this site when it first came out and I am working hard to try to undue that).

Every page is a potential sales page. Offer free information (much like the pages on this site do). Telling will likely help you make more money than selling.

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