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AltaVista is owned by Yahoo! and is powered from the Yahoo! Search search index. While AltaVista still has its own unique algorithm AltaVista no longer powers enough search to where I optimize specifically with AltaVista in mind.

About AltaVista

AltaVista was launched in December of 1995. With the release of AltaVista Digital brought many important features to the web including:

  • nearly unlimited bandwidth (for that time)
  • the first to allow natural language queries & advanced searching techniques
  • allowed users to add or delete their own URL within 24 hours.
  • AltaVista allowed inbound link checking as well as provided search tips

AltaVista was the oldest crawler-based search engine on the web when it was retired and replaced by Yahoo! Slurp. It was the Google of the time period when it first came out, but things turned south.

"Sadly, an attempt to turn AltaVista into a portal site in 1998 saw the company lose track of the importance of search. Over time, relevancy dropped, as did the freshness of AltaVista's listings and the crawler's coverage of the web." - SearchEngineWatch

While still producing great specialty searches (multimedia and image search), AltaVista's relevancy had slipped . AltaVista did become more focused on search, but it was too little too late.

One of the biggest problems AltaVista has faced over time is changing ownership. In less than a decade AltaVista has been owned by Digital, Compaq, CMGI, Overture, and now Yahoo. What Yahoo intends to do with it remains to be seen.

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AltaVista Tools & Specifications

Incoming Links link:mysite.com
without internal links link:mysite.com -url:mysite.com
Pages Indexed

host:www.mysite.com & host:mysite.com
the www does make a difference

Spider Name Scooter now Yahoo! Slurp
Directory size was over 2 now over 3 billion resources
  Report spam to Yahoo!

How to list in AltaVista: (free) get links from other sites in the Yahoo! index or DMOZ paid Overture Site Match (I do not recommend Overture Site Match / paid inclusion for most websites) or Overture Ads

AltaVista provides results for:

InfoSpace - an input to the meta search engines
AltaVista - itself

AltaVista is powered by:

AltaVista - primary search provider (via Yahoo! Search index)
Overture - provides ads
DMOZ - provides directory results

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