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SEO Tools

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click ToolBox - everything related to Pay Per Click. Includes free software trials, and account freebies (free clicks).

Link Popularity, Link Building and other Link Links

  • Link Harvester - (free) queries the Yahoo! Search database via their API to allow you to view past the 1,000 backlink limit by filtering out duplicate sites. Link Harvester is a free open sourced tool I had my friend create. You can snag the source code here.
  • Hub Finder - (free) queries the Yahoo! Search database via their API to allow you to find sites that link to 2 or more related resources. Hub Finder is a free open sourced tool I had my friend create. You can snag the source code here.
  • Back Link Analyzer Software - (free) similar to OptiLink & SEO Elite, but free.
  • Google Alert - (free) sends updates of Google searches when any of their results change... via email, trackback, or RSS.
  • Google Toolbar - good for gathering some details, but Google has been a bit sketchy with backlinks and whatnot. For those who want to use a good browser I recommend using FireFox and the Googlebar.
  • Google Datacenter Watch Tool - shows when Google is updating backlinks.
  • Marketleap Link Popularity Checker - (free) See how many people link to your site.
  • Check Your Link Popularity.com - (free) downloadable link popularity checking software.
  • Xenu Link Slueth - (free) finds broken links...good stuff to run at least once a month
  • Web Ferret - (free or paid) linking software which looks for link partners by creating a file of the top ranking search results from many top search engines. Can create an output file which is used by 2BPop
  • 2BPop - (free) can extract email addresses. Used with Web Ferret they combine to be a free and scaled down version of part of what Zeus or Arelis do.

Web Site Submission Tools

  • for most webmasters paying for search engine submission is generally a complete wast of money.
  • Free manual site submit - automated submission is garbage.
  • Paid Inclusion - full suite of paid inclusion options
  • Web CEO - full service SEO software. I have not used it much, but some of my friends recommend it to do various SEO tasks.
  • Directory Archives - directory of directories
  • Roboform - can enter in your title, description, email, keywords, and payment details with a single click of a button.

Search Engine Relationship and Search Engine Popularity Tools

Search Engine Marketing Literature

Keyword Suggestion Tools

  • WordTracker - keyword suggestion tool which offers many value added features. of course it is the only one on this list which is not free. the digital point tool above gives you some sample data from Wordtracker. if you are serious about SEO it is well worth it's fees...
  • Overture keyword suggestion tool - free, less complex, and less accurate version of above
  • Digital Point - free (combines Overture + the free version of WordTracker)
  • Google Adwords suggestion - offers related search terms, but not quantity.
  • Google Search Suggestion - suggests searches (or keywords) ordered by search frequency.
  • Espotting keyword suggestion tool - UK keyword suggestion
  • Good Keywords - free downloadable keyword software with a few handy features.
  • Keyword Discovery - tool is similar to WordTracker with seasonal data. Database is deeper but likely is not as clean as WordTracker's database.
  • Ontology Tool - tool looks for related words using the Google ~ search.

Keyword Suggestion Software

AdWord Analyzer - tool which checks Overture related terms and then returns results based on # of bidders on Overture or Google AdWords. While it is named "AdWords Analyzer," it is actually more effective for finding freebies on Overture.

It's useful for discovering the # of competitors on Google AdWords, but if you do everything correctly only how good you do it is what matters. Instead of using this software I would recommend buying a subscription to WordTracker, glancing through a thesaurus, and using a keyword list generator.

Keyword Density

I usually do not worry much about keyword density, but here are some tools.

Expand Your Keyword List (PPC)

this keyword tool allows you to create an expanded keyword list by combining all possible variables of words in different lists.

Coding Tools

Rank Checking

Tracking Software

Report Spam

report a spam result - While reporting spam may not directly influence the search engines, they use these inputs to aid their algorithmic changes. Yahoo! actively edits their search results.

Most webmasters would be better off spending time improving their sites instead of filing spam reports.

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