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Search Engine Paid Inclusion Programs

Is paid inclusion for you?

Paid Inclusion is not the ideal solution for everyone. Who is it good for?

  • Pages with frequently changing content - such as deal of the day / week.
  • Dynamic web pages which search engine spiders can not find.
  • Sites which need the tracking associated with paid inclusion.

Benifits of Paid Inclusion

Your content

  • gets listed quickly
  • stays in the index
  • is garanteed to be crawled frequently
  • some paid inclusion programs offer tracking.

Downsides of Paid Inclusion

  • Paid inclusion may not improve your relevancy.
  • Paid inclusion costs money that might be better spent elsewhere. Yahoo! charges a per click fee.

Link Building: Better than Paid Inclusion (for most sites)

The best way to get included into any search index is not by paying, but by having the search engine find your site by following links from other sites.

While there are many other paid inclusion programs I do not recommend subscribing to most of them. In fact I would not recommend most sites subscribe to the below listed paid inclusion programs either.

The best way to get search engines to find you is by having them follow links. You can start building your linking campaign by submitting your site to directories. After that you will want to ensure you get many topically relevant links.

Paid Inclusion Programs

Yahoo! is the only leading worldwide search service to offer paid inclusion. InfoSpace also has a similar program, but generally they do not drive as much traffic.

Google, MSN, and Ask Jeeves / Teoma do not offer paid inclusion.

Overture Site Match is Yahoo! Search's paid inclusion program.

Submitting your URL to all Yahoo! owned search properties (AllTheWeb, Inktomi, & Yahoo! Search) costs a flat $49 review fee and a fixed category based cost per click. Currently most categories cost 15 cents and a few categories cost 30 cents. Learn more about or sign up for Overture Site Match.

InfoSpace: Infospace powers Excite, Dogpile, MetaCrawler and many of the well known meta search engines. InfoSpace also has a paid inclusion program, but you will quickly be listing well in InfoSpace by simply listing well in Google and the above search engines.

I do not recommend InfoSpace paid inclusion for most websites.

We do have a link to the InfoSpace paid listing if you are interested in it though.

Google Paid Inclusion (Nope, it's Free!)

Google does not offer a paid inclusion or paid listing program. Here is a free web site submission form to take care of your manual inclusion into Google. Submitting your site does not guarantee inclusion and you need to obtain inbound links to stay in the Google database.

  Google Free Listing

URL to submit:       

Yellow Pages

Many local sites / businesses may also want to consider submitting their sites to Yellow Pages.

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