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Why Copywriting is Important

Search engine marketing without copywriting is pointless.

If the internet bubble boom has taught us nothing else, it is that random metrics mean nothing. Hits, page views, visitors...all mean nothing. Sales are the only thing that matter.

Writing for Humans

In the end human eyes will see this page.If they do not like it I will not make any sales. :(

Horrible Conversion Rates

Decent copy is far more important than search engine marketing is. The average website conversion rate is less than 2%. Imagine if 98% the people who went to Wal-Mart left without buying anything.

After you build pages that convert then you can really start to afford to compete with a larger marketing budget as you reinvest profits back into marketing.

Ugly Arbitrary Search Engine Marketing

You can not afford to have random text arbitrarily on the screen. Your page copy has to do the selling that a salesman would do. Your copy is your voice.

In spite of what anyone says or how much spam one person can deliver, it is compelling words that make a website profitable.

Copywriting Books

If you want to do your own copywriting I suggest picking up a copy of Persuasive Online Copywriting. I also reviewed a few copywriting books here.

Problems with this Page

After I originally rewrote this particular page multiple people contacted me in the first few days wanting to hire me as a copywriter.

I do some copywriting with my SEO services, but I usually do not offer copywriting as a stand alone product. I provide a much better value as a link builder / SEO than I do as a copywriter.

If you specifically need a copywriter I recommend contacting Heather Lloyd-Martin. If she is unavailable I can point you in the direction of someone else.

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