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Why Frames are Bad for Search Engine Rankings

What are Frames?

Frames are pieces of a web page which are added together to make a whole page. Many sites put navigation or page branding elements at the top and left of the page using frames.

Why I Don't Use Frames

Every web page has a unique makeup and location which is easily definable, except frames. Frames are multiple pages listing on the same page, and why they can make site navigation simple, they do not show the pages current address. If you have an interesting article deep within your site using frames makes it hard for me to link to it. If you force me to link to your home page then I am probably not going to link to you.

Other Problems With Using Frames

You can get around frames by having a site map from the home page that links to all the framed pages, but even if these pages list high they will probably lack good navigation since the framework that contained it is not located with it in the search results.

Benefits of Frames

Frames make site maintenance a rather quick task and allow you to easily position your branding and navigation elements prominently on all pages.

Server Side Includes vs Frames

Server side includes allow a server to construct a page on the fly by combining multiple files. This allows for easy site maintenance without using frames.

If You Must Use Frames

You should also use noframes tags to help search engines determine what the content of the frames is.

<frameset cols = "75%, 25%">
<body>your juicy noframes text here</body>
<frame src ="bla.htm" />
<frame src ="fla.htm" />

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