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Search Engine Cloaking Software

What is Search Engine Cloaking?

A common technique for showing search engines something different than what the end user sees is called cloaking. Good cloaking is unnoticable to the average web surfer or webmaster.

How Cloaking Software Works

Spider delivery or cloaking software first begins by determining if the visitor to the web page is human or part of a machine. Humans get to see the normal site. Search engine spiders see dynamically generated keyword rich pages of non real content.

Facts About Cloaking

  • The reality is that some people can use search engine cloaking effectively and some people can not.
  • I do not generally recommend using cloaking software to most people.
  • If you do use cloaking software you should be prepared to buy the good stuff and go with the best (Ralph Tegtmeier of fantomaster.com).

Problems with Cloaking Software

I do not give a crap about ethics and am not a judgmental person. The problem that arises with cloaking software is that maybe you do not get caught cloaking today. Maybe you do such a good job with your site that you stop working and your entire lively hood is dependent on that software. Here is where the problem comes, your instant success which you may grow to like and live off of can one day disappear.

Few shady search engine cloaking software providers offer long term refunds and they will hardly cover the costs of rebuilding your web site, and your life it is dependent on search engine cloaking software that may eventually fail.

Why I do Not Use Cloaking

I look at it like this, it is very arrogant or ignorant to think you can chose one easy to find search engine cloaking software provider that can technologically hold the edge over groups of rich technology companies.

Good Cloaking?

Search engine cloaking can be used for good purposes, and is usually acceptable when used correctly via paid inclusion trusted feeds to describe the content on a flash page. It can also be used to show different page display for different browsers.

Cloaking Software Conclusion

I recommend that if you do attempt search engine cloaking, perform it on a second similar site with a different domain than the site you put effort into making. This way if the pages get de indexed you are not out as much.

I have never used cloaking software. I have been told that some people are very effective at it, but to me its not worth the risk if it is used with a long term investment of my time. If you do decide to use it, then you at least owe it to yourself to go with the best. (Ralph Tegtmeier of fantomaster.com)

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