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Listing Dynamic Content in Search Engines

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is content which is typically driven from a back end database or remote files. Languages such as .php or .asp are commonly used to power dynamic websites / webpages which are generated on the fly.

Why Use Dynamic Content?

Using dynamic content makes it easy to deliver a current website relevent to current events and keep the basic structured format consistant. The use of dynamic content also allows you to bypass multiple repetitive page coding tasks.

Why Search Engines do Not Like Dynamic Content

Dynamic content does not sometimes list well because search engines do not like to index it for multiple reasons.

  • It is easy to generate dynamic garbage link sites filled with thousands of pages of giberish.
  • Dynamic sites may look bigger than are to the search engine. To prevent this, do not issue the search engine spider a user ID upon entry.
  • Search engine spiders may track through your site too quickly and crash your server.

How To Get Dynamic Content Indexed

In general search engines want to index any quality content. They do not penalize content for having a .php or .asp filepath extension. The link below provides tips to getting your dynamic content indexed.

If you have an article based system, you should have an archives system built in. This should allow search engines to find your "static content." It is also possible to use .htacces to change filepaths, or to create a CGI script which will take the query string out of your page names and refer search engines to your dynamic content as static information.

There are multiple techniques to getting your dynamic content listed in search engines.

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