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Paid Inclusion Program Benefits

Why Use Paid Inclusion?

Paid inclusion programs offer you a chance to place your web site in search results almost instantly. You are typically listed within 48 to 72 hours (1 week for Teoma/Ask Jeeves).

This benefits your listing by allowing you to see where your page will list right away. After you are listed you can tweak your page for the keywords you want to list high in and track the results every few days.

Paid Inclusion Programs offer Rapid Refresh

No only do paid inclusion programs offer quick listing, but they also refresh your content at a regular interval. Most paid inclusion programs refresh your listing every 24-72 hours (1 week for Teoma/Ask Jeeves).

Paid Inclusion Program Disadvantages

The disadvantage of paid inclusion programs is that you have to spend money. The only two search engines still offering paid inclusion which get reasonable distribution are Ask / Teoma and Yahoo!.

Ask is ending their program in September of 2004 and does not get much distribution.

Yahoo! charges recurring per click fees which can get rather expensive over time.

Most Paid Inclusion Programs are Not Worth What they Cost

Many different search engines (especially a bunch of smaller ones) offer paid inclusion programs. Most of them are not worth paying for.

Directories provide static text links which can help boost your search engine rankings. It is often worth paying for inclusion in many directories, but I do not recommend many search engine paid inclusion programs to most of my SEO customers.

Paid inclusion program Benefits:

  • paid inclusion programs offer quick page listing - good for sites which need urgent distribution
  • paid inclusion programs offer frequent page listing refresh - good for rapidly rotating stock
  • paid inclusion programs offer a chance to tweak in pages for high listings - rapid feedback loop
  • paid inclusion programs offer a chance to list dynamic pages that might otherwise be hard to list - helps get additional pages indexed
  • many paid inclusion programs offer click tracking

Submit your site for paid inclusion today.

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