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Ask Jeeves

No B/S Ask Jeeves SEO Tips:

Ask Jeeves is powered by Teoma. Teoma is a clustering search engine. To rank well in Teoma you will need to get links into your site from related websites.

Ask Jeeves places a ton of Google AdWords ads before the organic search results on highly commercial terms. To receive traffic from Ask Jeeves from highly commercial terms you will likely need to participate in Google AdWords.

I do not optimize specifically for Ask Jeeves / Teoma but figure that over time I will rank well for them if I create a quality resource and optimize for Google.

About Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves was the first natural query search engine. A child of Garrett Gruener and David Warthen, Ask was born on November 29, 1995. Ask Jeeves aimed at personalizing web search by providing a question answering service.

They did a good job of marketing, but their product was inferior to many of their competitors so they purchased Teoma. Integrating the acquired technology with the popularity of the Ask Jeeves web site allowed Ask to become a major player in the search market.

As current executive would admit that their search was not competitive a few years ago, they think it is highly competitive now. The first and foremost goal was to create a search which is personalized and has a personal feel about it, now their goal is the best search.

Teoma has a cool technology but the Ask Jeeves website often places 10 Google AdWords ads before the organic search results.

Try Ask Jeeves

Teoma Index Size & Distribution

Ask Jeeves's Teoma has a smaller search index than Yahoo! or Google, but they aim to work on improving spidering more frequently and increasing their index size throughout the remainder of the year.

Between Ask Jeeves and Teoma they have a web reach of over 25% (Neilson Netratings). With their recent purchase of Excite, MyWay, and IWon they have doubled their US search distribution to 6 - 7% of total search.

Ask Jeeves Goodies...

If you like Ask Jeeves consider downloading the Ask Jeeves Toolbar. You can also report spam to Ask Jeeves at this email address askjeeves@ask.com, though spam reporting is generally a waste of time.

How to list in Ask Jeeves: free get links from sites listed in the Ask Jeeves / Teoma database or submit to Dmoz paid ads: Google Adwords

Ask Jeeves provides Results for:

Ask Jeeves does not power any other search engine. Ask is powered by Teoma. Recently Ask made an offer to purchase Excite, IWon, MyWay and a few other search properties. This move will double their search distribution.

Ask Jeeves is Powered by:

Teoma - organic search results
Google AdWords - paid results
Ask Jeeves - paid box ads which sell on a cost per thousand basis for more expensive words such as "casino" or "viagra"
Kelkoo - provides product image ads.
DMOZ - directory results

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