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How do I know it is useful? What is the casino check? First one must understand basic economics.

Economics of the Internet

What are the internet industries with the highest margins? Who can afford to pay the most for searches? What I have found is that the most aggressive advertising investors have been casino related (once on Overture I saw a $27.00+ bid for casinos, and I am sure it still is that expensive if not more). Soon following them would be pornography, prescription drugs, web hosting, ink refills and a bunch of other high margin industries.

Why Spend Your Money on Testing Unproven Products?

If you are bidding on keywords at a search engine that does not even have a few bids for the words casino, casinos, gambling, gaming ... (and the top bid being greater than a couple cents for casinos) then the site must not be drawing much traffic.

<side note> Some of the top search engines have stopped accepting ads for casino or gambling websites. This same technique works with pharmacy, credit, and other high margin products. </side note>

On some of these sites a "catch all" listing might help, but why spend money when those who have the highest profit margins are not interested in trying out the service.

Sure you might have been the first person to find a really great service, but just remember most businesses fail and I would not want much of my outcome relying on a site that can't even draw any attention from any of the most aggressive marketing investors.

Unless you provide a extremely high margin service or downloads, it is hard to imagine your site having greater margins than online casinos. If you do, feel free to challenge me and spend on advertising more aggressively than the casinos do. Please email me successful results!


You can also check how much traffic the PPC search engine is receiving by using Alexa or any other traffic ranking sites. I would caution that many of these may be biased and promote their own sites. The Alexa results are somewhat fair, but highly inaccurate due to limited exposure. They are easy to manipulate if you know how to do it. Amazon owns Alexa.

Errors in Testing Methods

Alexa has limited distribution and many people partnering up to autosurf other websites to inflate their statistics. Merely surfing your own site over and over with the toolbar installed will give you a top 100,000 website.

When some people bid on the term "casino" or other related terms it does not guarantee that these search results are not being backfed from another engine, and it does not guarantee that the current search engine draws any traffic. I would ask for feedback on any pay per click engine in some of the SEO forums before spending any money.

If there are no bids for competitive words then chances are the search engine does not draw any traffic.

Ask for Feedback

If you are still unsure of the engine at that point I would recommend trying out a few of the search engine optimization forums to see what people have to say there.


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