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Yahoo! Directory

Note: the Yahoo! Directory and Yahoo! Search are two entirely separate products. Learn more about Yahoo! Search.

The Yahoo! Directory was shut down on December 27, 2014.

The below article is archived to reflect historical information, but hasn't been updated in years.

When did Yahoo! Begin?

Yahoo! was originally started in 1994 as a collection of favorite web sites by Jerry Yang & David Filo, a couple Stanford college students. As their site became more comprehensive, it became popular and found the need to grow and reorganize. It was one of the first human edited directories on the web. Still today, only the Open Directory Project rivals Yahoo! at the internet's most important web directory.

How much Does Yahoo! Submission Cost?

Yahoo! was free to submit any site to for a long time, but over the course of the past years they have changed their business model and have started to charge. A few years ago they moved the fee to a one time $299 fee for reviewing a site to list in the Yahoo! Directory. In October of 2002 Yahoo! changed this one time fee to a recurring annual free (adult sites double that price).

Sites which were in the Yahoo! Directory prior to October 2002 are grandfathered, meaning they are not required to pay the annual review fee.

How Do I Get Listed In Yahoo! Free?

Yahoo! Search does a free crawl of the web. They will find your site by following links to it. You also can submit your URL to Yahoo! Search for free. Submission does not guarantee inclusion will occur.

As far as the Yahoo! Directory goes: Non commercial sites can still submit their sites to the Yahoo! Directory free. It may take a while for your site to be listed in the Yahoo! Directory.

There is no guarantee that your site will be listed if you use the paid or free submission service. Paid submission only guarantees that your site will be reviewed for inclusion. Ensure you view the Yahoo! Directory submission guidelines prior to submitting your site.

Is a Yahoo! Directory Listing Worth $299?

With how Yahoo! algorithmically generates its search results, it has taken away much of the value of a Yahoo! listing. A Yahoo! link may still be great for helping to develop link popularity, but with no other premium in search results it is hard for many small businesses to justify the recurring $299 annual fee.

Please note that there is still a free listing option for non commercial sites. Generally if $300 is most of your advertising budget, then a Yahoo! listing is not for you. If it is merely a small part, consider listing in the Yahoo! Directory as Yahoo! is still one of the top web properties. If you do pay for a Yahoo! Directory listing I recommend making additional investments to list in many other directories.

In addition a Yahoo! Directory listing is often a good subject specific topical hub, which may help improve your rankings in clustering type search engines such as Teoma.

More In Depth Look at Yahoo! Directory Submission Prices

These are some of the things I evaluate before spending money on a Yahoo! Directory listing:

  • how well your link popularity is built up;
  • how competitive your keyword and industry are;
  • how much of a boost that page will give you (based on its location in the directory and how many links are on that page and what text they will use). This concept also includes the idea "is there a reason other websites would send powerful links to this directory page or a page near it in the directory";
  • how much money you can afford to spend; and
  • if there is a better way to spend it. Typically if you are on a restricted budget you would be better off spending your money listing your sites with many 1 time fee directories versus paying for the $299 recurring annual fee. Please note that some of the regional Yahoo! directories only charge a one time site listing fee.

Search The Yahoo! Directory

To check to see if your domain is listed in the Yahoo! directory enter your site below (ex: search-marketing.info).


Yahoo! Expired Domains

Some companies offer domain tracking and/or sell expired Yahoo! Directory listed domains. Generally this is a waste of time for most new webmasters. More on expired Yahoo! Domains

How to Submit Your Site to Yahoo!

Yahoo Search: Free submission to Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Directory: Yahoo! would prefer deep links, versus a link in shopping. That is the whole point of a directory, to organize things in small convenient groupings. The how to submit to Yahoo! page offers users advice on how to list in the Yahoo! Directory. The commercial listing service is called Yahoo! Express. Yahoo! sometimes lists sites with errors in them. If you need to you can ask to change your Yahoo! Directory listing.

Yahoo! Directory Resources

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