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Differentiate Yourself: Be Original

There are tons of ideas which will work to help you earn a living off of the internet. In general, the more abstract and original the idea is the bigger of a success you will be able to become.

Be Creative

Sometimes creating a creative idea that is the exact opposite of what you want to do allows you to gain greater link popularity and can help your reputation more than a good resource on the same topic.

Personal proof of this point: Black Hat SEO

Instant Riches

I hate to sound like someone's mother, but the sites which offer instant profits, or sites that charge you to have resale rights to their goods and services can generally be summed up into a nice simple category called fraud. If the cost of entry is low and there are large profits to be made then the market will be hyper competitive.

Branding, Branding, Branding

Branding is at least as important as people being able to find your site. If you brand your site correctly then it will promote itself.

Never Buy From Spammers

While there are some ethical businesses on the web that aggressively advertise, I have never bought from a person who spammed me and that is good advice I wish to offer you.

When it sounds too good to be true, the simple question of "why are they spamming me then" can go a long way. The hardest part of becoming a success on the web is avoiding the massive amounts of scams lurking absolutely everywhere! By buying from a person who sends spam emails you are rewarding them for wasting your time.

Those that do not care about wasting your time probably do not care to provide honest help either.

Tips to Make Money Online:

  • you must enjoy the topic you are covering
  • it should be a focused niche
  • write content for human eyes
  • spend the extra time to ask someone who knows the answer when you are in doubt

Top Money Making Programs

Become a Resource

The way to really kick ass on the web is to be syndicated. You don't get syndicated (and don't want to get syndicated) until you have learned a bunch.

  • Read books: I have yet to read a single book that did not help me improve my reputation and business.
  • Participate in discussion groups and forums: You start off learning, but eventually you find yourself teaching people. Most the questions people ask get repeated multiple times in a 6 month period. When you can start to answer most of the questions you know you are well on your way to being successful.
  • Find the Topical Hubs: Read whatever you can on the web that you know to be good information.
  • Write in a manner that shows you are the guru.

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