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Search Engine Toolbar Downloads


Just about every major search engine offers a toolbar with different features. Currently Google is well positioned in the search technology market, giving the Google Toolbar an obvious advantage over the others. Read more about the Google Toolbar

Alexa Toolbar - takes google ranking algorithm and combines it with user rating. Is somewhat inaccurate since it only can track that web traffic from the Alexa toolbar and a few other sources. Other than the obvious inaccuracies that this causes, I believe Alexa to be an honest service since it is owned by a company that can afford to provide such a service free to market its own products (Amazon).

AllTheWeb is the only major search engine which does not offer an official toolbar.

AltaVista Toolbar - Toolbar owned by the oldest search engine still in the game AltaVista.

Ask Jeeves Toolbar - Ask Jeeves is powered by Teoma. Teoma also offers a toolbar. The biggest difference between Ask and Teoma is that Ask offers a friendly user feel to it, whereas Teoma shows the power of the technology by listing clustered result groups. Ask also offers special toolbar buttons such as Ask Jeeves Kids.

Google Toolbar - Google has many advanced features with its toolbar which aid you in understanding why Google views the web as it does. Google also has a protien folding feature in its toolbar to help find a cure for cancer.

Hotbot Toolbar - Hotbot allows you to search Teoma, Google, Inktomi, or AllTheWeb from a single toolbar.

Teoma Toolbar - Described in Ask Jeeves section.

Yahoo Toolbar - Yahoo search powered toolbar. Has many different features. For example, they have a finance toolbar.

There are many second rate or niche specific toolbars on the web. I only highlighted the most common toolbars on this page.

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Search Engine Marketing > Search Engine Marketing Tools > Search Toolbar Downloads - you are here