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Search Engine Marketing Prices

Why Search Engine Marketing?

What is it worth to have a voice? With a well ran search engine marketing campaign you have a voice and fast acting feedback loop. Fast feedback loops are a concept fundamental to the success of any business.

Whether you are providing a service to be able to work at home, are promoting a big business, or sending a political message you can do it extremely cheap via search engines.

Shopping for Search Engine Marketing by Price

If you are shopping for search engine marketing primarily by price you will probably be buying again. Most good SEOs can create their own sites that generate hundreds or thousands of dollars of automated revenue each month and promote them without needing to worry about clients.

If a person is willing to work for a one time payment of only a few hundred dollars they most likely:

  • don't know how to market their services
  • or are not very good at search engine marketing
  • or intend to rip you off

Trying to buy SEO / SEM services at well under their market value is Why Many People Buy Shitty SEO Services.

Fair Prices for Search Engine Marketing

The prices of search engine marketing depend greatly on the size of your site and how competitive your market is. Smaller sites in uncompetitive markets can generally find a good search engine marketer for around $2,000.

Larger sites and sites in more competitive markets can expect to pay an initial payment of a few thousand dollars or more and ongoing monthly payments of at least $300 - $500.

Anyone that has a ones size fit all static set price for their SEO services either has added a bunch of fat to those numbers or does not provide exceptional service.

Search Engine Marketing Guarantees

There are unlimited variables that go into search engine marketing. If your site is selling Viagra it would take a long time or a large amount of link buying to gain top rankings. Most search engine marketers could never even achieve a top ten ranking for a term such as Viagra.

Most markets are not as competitive as Viagra though. While search engine algorithms are well guarded secrets it is possible to guarantee decent ranking on some of them for less competitive terms.

If you decide to buy search engine marketing services from a company with a top ten ranking guarantee make sure you know what keywords and what engines are guaranteed.

The Price of Optimizing Your Site:

I am not sure. I do not know how much competition you have. If I gave you prices up front that would be like building your house for a set price without knowing what you need...that should seem a bit sketchy.

Search Engine Marketing Availability:

I am rather limited in how many people I can work for at any time. I may or may not be available for work right now. If I am not I can recommend you to other highly skilled SEOs.

Unoriginal High Margin Sites Who Want Me to Work Free:

Most people who contact SEOs are not worth working for. If you have a high margin product which is not marketed from a creative angle and want to pay an SEO next to nothing or a small share of your future profits you are probably eventually going to be buying bad services from a cheap SEO who is not good at their job.

If you are a legitimate business looking for help in building your web presence I would be glad to see if I could help.

Search Engine Marketing For Legitimate Charities

I currently have low living expenses and a passion for what I do, I could ask for nothing more. If you are a cause (charity) I believe in I will work for you free. If I am overly busy at the time to take on another client I can provide free consultation or give you a free copy of my ebook.

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