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Good Text to Use in Links

Common Linking Errors

When you request a link to your site it is important that the link contains proper words. If the link was "welcome to our site" it would be crap. Nobody really searches for welcome to our site. For competitive phrases inbound link text is the single most important ranking factor.

Descriptive Link Text

The text you want in your links should describe what your target audience is looking for. Dallas Job Placement - Dallas Jobs.com might be a good text to use in a hyperlink. If I was trying to get a link to this page I would ask for something like "Good Text to use in Links - Building a Linking Campaign."

Directory Link Text

Some directories will only allow you to list your official site name. Some will allow you to use your primary keywords as the anchor text. Check the other sites listed in the directory in question and try to emulate how some of the other sites are listed.

Consistency Between Link Text and Page Elements

Whenever possible you want to use the same (or similar) text in the incoming links as the text in your title. Keep in mind that directories have certain criteria you must follow and your link should not sound overly promotional in an important web directory or they will just not list you.

A good tip is to look at the text in the other links in the site (and page) in which you are requesting to have a link added to and try to emulate some of the other links form while stating clearly and originally what your content is about.

Varried Link Text

Search engines look for patters that would indicate unnatural linking and automated processes. To prevent your site from flagging any link spam penalty it may be a good idea to use a couple different variations of similar link text in your inbound links.

Some links into this page from external resources ideally should say "keyword rich anchor text links" and some should say "building inbound links" and some should say "effective link building tips" etc.

Internal Link Text

It is fairly easy to use optimized internal link text. If you can not get the best link text in the site navigation make sure to use footer links and descriptive text in the links which exist in the body copy.

Text Near Links

Some people also argue that using good text near links is important. Others argue that since search engines are not theme based that these words mean nothing. Both groups do understand the importance of the text in the link though. If you accurately describe your business or site in the text around the links then related words should be in there also, but the link text is the primary concern. The most important words should go in the links wherever possible. This goes for both internal and external links.

Editorial policies may control the text of some links, but for the most part you want to optimize the links wherever possible.

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