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Comments Tag

What are Comment Tags Used For?

Originally comment tags were designed for coders to display where certain content is within a site. One comment tag would say begin this process, and the end comment tag would say end this process.

Why Comments Tags are Generally Ignored by Search Engines

The reason comment tags have little use to search engines is that they are highly succeptible to spam. The user never sees comment tags unless he views the page source code . For this reason it is not worth wasting your time trying to add in a few extra comment tags. Time spent installing comment tags for seo could be better spent doing real seo. (improving visible copy and getting inbound links)

Comments Tags and SEO

A good sign of a bogus seo provider is if they do not change any on page copy and concentrate mainly on the meta tags and comments. I know, I got ripped off in the past, that is why I became an SEO. If it seems like an SEO is only trying to change things that people can not see, and they are not building a linking campaign from other real directories and sites then you are probably getting ripped off.

Example Search Engine Listing for this Page

Comments Tag - placing comments on your page <-- this is the title tag
Learn about the comments tag, who uses the comments tag, and where to place the comments tag on your web page.<-- this is the meta description tag (note: this could also be a page abstract; some search engines display either or both page abstract and the meta description)
http://www.search-marketing.info/meta-tags/comments.htm <-- this is the page location

Comments tag format:

The comment tag is the area between the comment tags inside the brackets <!-- -->

If one were to use comment tags to spam on this page the comments tag for this page would be something similar to the page description: <!--Learn about the comments tag, who uses the comments tag, and where to place the comments tag on your web page.--> however, that would generally be a waste of time.

Comments Tag Conclusion

Using comment tags to hide keywords and phrases is a waste of time. It is good to help break up code, but does nothing for SEO. I placed a comments tag in the head of this page so you can see what they look like though. view page source

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