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ABOVE the FOLD Vol. 2 issue 13.


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Around the Web (news):

Article: Keeping Visitors


Casino Ads to be blocked on Google + Yahoo!

AltaVista Index now dead. AV now using Yahoo!

SearchGuild Forums

DMOZ support forum: a fun thread

New directory provides free links (ran by Bruce Stone of Skaffe).


Tool of the Week: Recently the beta version of a PageRank lookup tool was released. You specify a search term and any given PageRank value. The results will return web pages which rank high for that term and have a PageRank at or above the value you set.


also, a couple new link checking tools which allow you to check competitors backlinks. not the coolest tools, but great for free :)


Book of the Week: too darn busy.


What Would You Like

This newsletter will only be good if I can offer what you are interested in. Please send your SEO questions or any ideas you have for things I should put in here.

Question 1) Are .php pages considered badly by search engines?

I have templates (in .php format) that will help me make my online store and an Affiliate program. The Affiliate program will allow me to track customers and pay the linking sites. With this, I can get a great number of other xxxxx reseller sites to link to me.

To use these templates, certain pages need to be in .php format such as the order page. I also need to set a page for these sites to link to.

Question 2) Will the linked sites still boost my site's rating if the link is not to the main "index.html" page but to a page within my site? I could make an index.php also, but I do not know how that will effect my rating.

Q1) "Are .php pages considered badly by search engines?" assuming you are not using session ids and things like that then file path should not matter.

Usually affiliates do not provide direct links and they go through some sort of redirect or third party site. The problem with an affiliate program which does not get tracked by a third part is that many people do not trust other vendors that much and sometimes the http referer value will get blocked. Also if they use a query string to track their site ?affliliate=104 those pages will usually get filtered out as duplicate content and may not add to your link popularity.

If you are good friends with many people then they still may want to give you the links though and if they are fine with tracking http referer or something like that to give them credit then go for it.

Q2) Inbound links to any page within your site help you build your link equity. Take whatever quality inbound links you can. Moreover, if the links are coming through recomendations from people in a related field then that is the best type of link on the web. People in general are known to lie about themselves. Possitive reviews from others go a long way.

more questions

1. Yahoo express inclusion & Overture site match -- how different are they? which is more useful or need to go for both?
2. If Ask is fed through google, why pay them?
3. I have bought some domains for my top keywords and planning setup optimised pages for each of them then finally link my 1 Wholesale and 1 Retail site to them. Will I be violating any SE rules?

more answers

1.) "Yahoo express inclusion & Overture site match -- how different are they? which is more useful or need to go for both?" Overture site match has incremental costs that might not be worth paying for. If you are already listed in Yahoo!, then there is no reason to pay Overture for each and every click unless you need the tracking or have rapidly changing content.

Yahoo! Express inclusion costs $299/yr ($600 for porn) to list your site within the Yahoo! directory. The Yahoo! Directory is separte from Yahoo! Search. Generally most sites listed within the directory will also eventually be included in all major search engines (based on the popularity of the Yahoo! website). My site might get between 0 - 5 hits per day from the Yahoo! directory, so it makes it somewhat hard to justify the fee based exclusivly on direct traffic.

A Yahoo! listing can also help establish search engine relevancy because some of the categories are good topical information resources. As to whether or not it is worth buying a Yahoo! listing, I believe it should be evaluated on a site by site basis. If $299 is very little compared to your ad budget then you may want to go for it. If $299 blows a bunch of your ad budget then there might be other places to look for more or better links.

2.) Ask is actually powered by Teoma. Ask has ads by Google, but the algorithmic search results are from Teoma. You are already listed in Teoma. Paid inclusion into Ask offers you very little unless you have rapidly rotating stock or are super frequent to update your page copy.

3.) It sounds rather sketchy off the start to me. Generally most sites can do good on their own off of their own merit and making a small network exclusively for search engines is a type of spam. You may be able to get away with it, but it may eventually get you in trouble. Domain name itself has very little direct effect on search engine rankings. The right domain names make it easy to get optimized inbound text, which then helps those pages rank better based on anchor text of inbound links.


Random happening of the Week - please laugh, or maybe not.

A twisted world?
15 year old child pornographer arrested for taking pictures of herself?


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