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Shady Past, Bright Future

January 2004

"Presumably man's spirit should be elevated if he can better review his shady past and analyze more completely and objectively his present problems." - Vannevar Bush

The Power of the Internet

I got out of the navy less than 15 months ago.

My Own Shady Past

My mom could not handle the stress of our crap fathers who abandoned her and helped none with the pay. One of my siblings has aids and the other two are in jail for murder. My dog was drove out to the country and left there.

It's hard for me to love anything, especially myself. That is until...

Join the Navy, WANT TO DIE

I joined the navy as a nuclear reactor operator. I hated life so bad that I wanted to die. Artificial depressants on a nuclear submarine:

  • poor food quality
  • low exercise ability
  • 18 hour day that destroy the circadian cycle
  • artificially low oxygen levels
  • poor leadership
  • no sunlight
  • no contact with anyone I loved (even the girl that I grew to like)

Google Search: Navy Nuclear Power

Asking for Help

Add all that on to the fact that I was already depressed and you can see how I drank until I stopped breathing multiple times. I had a ton of alcohol related incidences which my chain of command (USS Dallas) knew of. This is a partial list from a couple year time period.

  • I drank until I stopped breathing
  • I woke in someone else's hotel room
  • I got a trespassing ticket while running through the woods
  • I wrecked my car
  • I woke in the chiefs quarters
  • I broke my teeth
  • I slept on the pier

Each time I did something stupid they swept it under the rug. I asked my chain of command for help, and still have copies of many of the messages. They told me to shut my mouth and grow up.


I could handle that lifestyle no more. One time in a blacked out drunken state overseas I took a bunch of illegal drugs and told everyone I saw (at least that is what they tell me.) One person turned me in.

My chain of command lied about me and destroyed my work records to try to destroy me as a person.

  • they destroyed official statements
  • they destroyed my evals
  • they make untrue statements about my military performance. even doing that they worst they could describe me was as "average"


I got rewarded for my actions


They just about had me. I felt so bad that I wanted to make a very public suicide. Somehow forces beyond my control changed my mind. I made a site about how awful I think the GOD DAMN NAVY IS.

Free Bonuses

It is ironic looking at a partial client list at HighRankings.com to see General Physics Corporation, who wanted to hire me for a short while. It is what sparked this article.

Learning how to promote my navy website I learned a ton about marketing and internet marketing. In addition I have used my knowledge of depression to help restore sanity to people who were losing their minds do to incorrect prescriptions.

I have already wrote an eBook and intend to be a top selling marketing author who uses the power of the internet to change social policy.

- by Aaron Wall, owner of Search Marketing Info

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