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Why Search Engines Love Blogs

February 2004

News is News, so What

Every day millions of pages are added to the internet. It is rather hard to ask a search engine which ones are worthwhile and expect an immediate response.

What is a Blog

A blog is nothing more than a dated journal or the software used to make it. What makes a blog special is that many random individuals have the ability to show their take on the world around them.

Many of these blogs do not add much content to the web, but a couple special ones add some of the best writing in the world. I would argue anyone who stated that script driven commerce websites added more value to the internet than the personal expression offered on personal websites.

These individual sites can work in clusters to change the dynamics of the web, for good or bad. (example: Google Search: Miserable Failure)

The Foundation of the Web

Links are the foundation of the web. At the heart of the idea of the internet is the ability to traverse from one thought to another almost instantaneously. Blogs make it easy to write a small passage and hyperlink to the original story.

The Lonely Blog

A single blog by itself does not make a huge difference. It is just like any other website...yawn.

Social Structure

While a single blog has very little effect, the social setting and fast feedback loops of the internet can get a few people to parrot what one person says. Since many of these blogs are updated many times a day, a popular news story (or one person's opinion of it) can acquire a large link popularity fast.

There are multiple tracking systems which monitor what ideas are spreading quickly through the web. Technorati, Popdex, Blogdex, and Daypop are a few of the more popular ones. The fast spreading ideas may pick up additional syndication through aggregators who track the fastest moving stories.

The Sun Shines on Every Dog's

Many of the blogs cover redundant information, but how different are the news channels 5 & 6? Good blogs tend to have some original flair or character to them.

If you write enough, eventually you will become a more eloquent writer. In addition, by default you will eventually uncover a story which spreads like a disease.

A few timely quality stories can elevate your popularity indefinitely.

What Search Engines See

Many news stories come and go without much fan fair. Typically many of these stories have little social consequence. Blogs have the ability to filter news and tell the search engines which ones are important. While this data is frequently skewed, it is usually in the opposite direction of most major media outlets.

Many times manipulative media conglomerates twist the news. President Bush signed Patriot act part 2 the day Saddam was caught, which went unnoticed by the largest media companies in the world. Stories like these are set in the proper social context when bloggers like me catch the story. While some clusters of delusional people will form, the whole media is now more representative of truth. Read about Bush's missing year.

The web is all about the free spread of information, why do so many people hate blogs anyway?

- by Aaron Wall, owner of Search Marketing Info

We Value Privacy
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