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Google AdSense Review

January 2004

The Goal of AdSense

While the low cost of information distribution has lead to an increase of content, it has not lead to the creation of quality websites. There are many quality websites out there, but exceptional few in relation to the size of the internet.

One of the best ways for search engines to fight off this problem is by rewarding quality content. Obviously good rankings and large amounts of traffic help, but many of us are suckers for money...which AdSense can provide.

How AdSense Works

AdSense allows you to paste a small amount of code on your web pages which reads various on page and off page topics to determine what the page is about. Automatically AdSense will usually serve relevant ads to the page copy. AdSense allows you to split the ad revenue from these ads with Google. If AdSense can not determine what the page is about they will place public service announcement ads or alternate ads of your choice. What ads will appear on your page? Try below

Enter URL:

Who is AdSense for

Generally AdSense is for larger content websites. If your site is purely commercial in nature it is harder to get accepted to AdSense. Qualifying for AdSense should not be that hard though, as most commercial websites should provide more than just a commerce platform.

The web was created to allow the free flow of information. I am exceedingly more likely to buy off a person who provides details about their services or products. Unbiased reviews, free information, and user feedback gain credibility with your user, which will allow you to further expand your marketing leverage while increasing your pages views and your ad revenue.

Benefits of AdSense

I do not want to worry about many of the aspects of running a business. Right now I am limited in what I can do by the fact that I can only do so much myself. I have turned down many people because it is not possible for me to work on 100 sites at one time.

The other option for me is to make revenue from selling ad space. With AdSense I have no need to prospect for affiliate links and ad revenue. The process is 100% automated. A check get mailed out in the middle of the following month if my account is above $100 at the end of the month.

In addition, AdSense makes money if I go to sleep or go away for the weekend. It allows me to work even when I am not. Other than sharing revenue with Google, absolutely every aspect of monetizing market space is in your favor.

  • If you want to block a competitors ad you can.
  • As ad prices change the ad with the highest returns (ad price * click through rate) are automatically displayed on your site.
  • There are over 150,000 advertisers using AdWords.
  • Some people may even view your site in a positive light due to your affiliation with Google.
  • As your content changes the ads do too.
  • If ads are irrelevant they automatically get deleted due to a low click through rate.
  • AdSense has multiple layouts and formats which will should be able to work well with your site.

Maximize AdSense Revenue

  • Learn enough about a topic that interests you so that you can create a valuable resource.
  • Build a linking campaign to drive traffic to your resource.
  • Chose a topic which would interest you, consumers, and is financially well to do.
  • Make pages which are focused enough that it is easy for Google to know which ads to place on the page.
  • Try to keep your pages on the site topic. Do not create your asbestos web page on your site about Sesame Street.
  • Test various layouts and positions.

Detailed AdSense Information

There is not much. Most people who claim to be AdSense experts parrot what is written on the dozen or so official AdSense pages.

Your ad layout should be different depending on many factors. Here are some examples of websites with the different layouts.

Much in the same way you sell a product, you want to be able to sell the ads. Thus it does not make sense to have the ads displayed in an offensively disruptive manner. The layout and design should blend. Google likes the tower ad, but ad layout should depends on different variables. If you throw your ads up in an offensive way you are killing off any long term loyalty you may have hoped to build.

Placing AdSense ads at the side of the content

  • Much the same way users have burned out on banner ads people may eventually get burned out on text ads.
  • Generally you will want the ads in the normal line of view by using a thin page format. This current site is not doing as good at selling ads as it could be. I have taken the ads off this page so I do not break any terms of service, but they were in that far right blue column (bad location)
  • If you do not want ads to interfere with your core business and are looking for a small supplement to your income you may want to use the wider page width and have the AdSense ads blend in at the edge of the page.
  • If you have a "click happy" audience this may be the format for you.
  • Examples:

Placing AdSense ads prominently on the top of the content

  • You should do this if you are providing a free tool which gives exceptional (perceived) value to its users. Also sites which are known market leaders with a huge following can do well this way.
  • Examples: Site Meter Digital Point

Placing AdSense ads at the bottom of the content

  • Allows you to sell the information that will sell the click.
  • Is a good idea if you are in an industry which requires trust.
  • Example: 5 HTP Description

Placing AdSense in an inline block

  • If you are a bs website trying to eat cake from Google this may fit well in the dead center of your pages.
  • If you are primarily an article website this may be the way to integrate it into the content.
  • examples
    • BS cake eating website: mesothelioma-and-asbestos.com (I will not link into their site)
    • article site ISEDB

Blending AdSense in the page content

  • Probably the most effective way to serve ads if you can blend it properly.
  • Works well in directory styled web sites.
  • Example: Efunda

Apply for AdSense

Do a quick tour if you have any questions about the program. Editors review your site before they will grant you an account. Make sure you comply with the terms of service and then apply.

If you get accepted ensure you follow their terms of service. I have actually had an editor comment on the fact that I mentioned ads in my text on a page that had the ads on it. I quickly fixed the problem, but I can attest to the fact that they are actively taking feedback and reviewing individual web pages for content.

Many of the topics and examples in this article came from a conversation with Jason Lexell of Digital Harvest Media.

AdSense Article Update

Since I wrote this article Google introduced a bunch more AdSense ad layouts and free channel tracking.

by Aaron Wall of Search Marketing Info

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