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ABOVE the FOLD Vol. 2 issue 12.


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Around the Web (news):

MSN: Reuters announced MSN will be starting a new search engine in July, but Reuters was wrong. MSN will however be creating a new ad layout on their search results in July which separates the ads from the content. At least two of the three top listing ads will be sold directly by MSN. Additional ads will run on the right hand column.

I created MSN Watch as a joke :) http://www.msn-watch.org/

MSN: MSN will be launching a couple custom web bots. Their blog bot will scour what it considers to be the most credible and news worthy blogs on the web. Most likely this will be determined by linkage data. Their news bot will be retrieving news from over 4,000 sources on the web. The beta version of the MSN news bot is located at

Google: One of my recent posts confirms how Google actually updates much of it's PageRank core much more frequently than when it updates displayed PageRank. Links from high traffic, high powered websites may figure into PageRank almost instantly.

Google: Google has issued a bot by the name of Googlebot/test which is working on indexing java links. Google may also soon allow multiple AdSense ad units per page.

Yahoo!: Yahoo! bought the European shopping website Kelkoo for a nab bit over a half billion dollars. http://www.kelkoo.com

AllTheWeb: ATW Database dies (now powered by Yahoo!) - many of ATW's advanced search features are now gone...

Kanoodle: factors click through rate into price per click with it's contextual ad product, nabs MSNBC as a partner.

MapQuest: beta testing local search.

Opera is working on a voice activated browser and Google is working on voice activated search.


Tool of the Week:

Keyword List Generator: This free tool does not find out what your most popular keywords are, but it is used to help generate a list of keywords from a list of individual words which describe your products.

Overture places exact match terms ahead of broad match terms, so this tool can be extremely useful for blowing out your keyword list for Overture. MicroSoft Excel does the same thing, but this is the first time I have seen a free web based tool with this feature.

If you have green, blue, and red...tall, short, and fat widgets you can enter each variation and get an output keyword list. This free tool also creates stemming matches if you like. If you generate an exceptionally long keyword list you will want to go back through and prune out poorly matching terms.

green tall widgets
green short widgets
green fat widgets
blue tall widgets...


ALSO Norton AntiVirus 2004 will help keep your interface active...



Book of the Week: Interface Culture - Steven Johnson Takes a look at how the modern computer interface came about and some of it's future possibilities. Some of the ideas behind the current interface and file organization highly relate to advanced search topics such as latent semantic indexing.



What Would You Like

This newsletter will only be good if I can offer what you are interested in. Please send your SEO questions or any ideas you have for things I should put in here.


Hi Aaron,
I really enjoy your newsletter. I have a question regarding how google
indexes pages. I have noticed difference in my web sites for the domain
with and without the 'www'. For example 'www.domain.com' would should a
pagerank of 4 and 20 backward links, while 'domain.com' would show a
pagerank of 3 and 2 backward links. Why is google recognizing them as
separate sites? Is there something I can do about this? I have noticed
this with other sites as well, but many are consistent, like yours. You
have the exact same number for pagerank and backward links with or without
the www. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Off the start Google follows links to the two "different locations" and
indexes them separately.
After you build a good linking campaign up or wait long enough then Google
will usually recognize them as the same site. You also may want to ask the
people linking to one of your domain types to swap it over to the other.
Many directories still use the .www in them, so that is what I would
generally stick with. In addition you can use a redirect in your .htaccess
file which forwards one of them to the other.

more info here


Random happening of the Week - please laugh.

Soon after finishing Interface Culture my interface broke. DAMN VIRUSES... Computer is working again though :) It is rather zen like to reformat and start from scratch...Most of the clutter on your computer is just slowing you down...

I went to my roommates home town. I saw a deaf man perform karaoke. He actually had some of the words correct. This does a good job of showing how needlessly fearful most people are from day to day. I still have yet to sing karaoke...


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