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ABOVE the FOLD Vol. 2 issue 5.


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Around the Web (news):

Google Update Austin occurred about a week ago. Many people were complaining about its effects. I have noticed that the sites I have recently worked on are still doing exceptionally well, whereas many of the site I had which were artificially ranking well got beaten up a bit.

Yahoo Shopping moving to a pay per click model.

Lycos is dying a slow ugly death, killing off most of their interactive elements.

6 tips for choosing an SEO

My Doom is a virus which is spreading through email and Kazaa type file sharing systems.


Tool of the Week: Antivirus and Antiscum software. Recently a virus called MyDoom has been spreading through the web. It blocks many ads ran by ad servers. Scumwear is a program which takes over part of your browser and
aims to place ads in front of you. A virus is any program the replicates

Good antiscumwear software
http://www.lavasoft.de/ (free)

Good antivirus software
http://www.symantec.com/nav/nav_9xnt/ (free 15 day trial, $49.95 to buy)

remove MyDoom free
http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ (free scan and cleanup, also sells software)
http://www.pcpitbull.com/mydoom.htm (free manual instructions)


Book of the Week:

Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices - Christopher Locke writes a conversational book about how conventional marketing ideas are often outlandish and generally stupid.

While Incorporated means to obtain human characteristics, companies really can not do that. He shows how honesty and immersing yourself in your subject will improve your ability to sell whatever you may want to.


What Would You Like

This newsletter will only be good if I can offer what you are interested in. Please send your SEO questions or any ideas you have for things I should put in here.


Random happening of the Week - please laugh.

I met some random people and was walking with them for less than a block before one of the guys fell on the ice and knocked himself out. Immediately police were there and had called 911. He got back up, but his face looked like he just played in the Super Bowl...

In the Super Bowl CBS blocked certain social policy ads inappropriate for television, yet placed Janet Jackson's naked breast on television. They are either arrogant or ignorant - either way it is equally sad and funny.

PS: The Budweiser donkey commercial was the best Super Bowl commercial.


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