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ABOVE the FOLD Vol. 2 issue 32.


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Around the Web (news):

New search marketing organizations form in the UK and EU. When the US one forms hopefully that will be the official death of SEMPO.

AdWords Updates...faster reports, quicker editing, and ad diagnostic tests

Froogle Updates...compare prices, third party store ratings, and beta test of Ad Automator. The Ad Automator automates ad creation and targeting by collecting data from Froogle feeds. If / when they get it down right that could / will be huge.

Google launches desktop search

Google demonstrates word clustering technology at Web2.0 ... still kinda ticked at myself for not going ;-)

The rich get richer: Mike Grehan on linking.

MSN Search sneak peak shows results may offer personalization sliders.

Google buys image mapping company KeyHole

Adobe partners with Yahoo! to provide search for Adobe Acrobat.

Google is to change the AdWords classifications in November.
The new Google AdWords system will take better advantage of predictive modeling technology to allow ads which are expected to have a low clickthrough rate to stay listed longer.

Secret document reveals Google's growth plans

AOL Europe drops Overture for Google AdWords.

Cloaking Q & A with Fantomaster

New Directories... A bunch of new directories have hit the market recently. Two of them have been doing a serious job of building link popularity.

http://www.uncoverthenet.com/ - Shawn has probably spent close to $5,000 - $10,000 building link popularity into his directory. It will most likely be a PR7 or PR8 when the toolbar PageRank updates. Currently regular submissions to Shawn's directory cost $15 and sponsored submissions cost $25.

http://www.webatlas.org/ - This is a new directory owned by my friend Nandini. I have been helping her get a decent # of links into it and we have also spent thousands of dollars building lots of links into it. She built the script herself and offers 5 links per submission. Currently Nandini only has one type of submission and it costs $25.

Both directories are also working to add a bunch of sites for free also to help make them useful. I think both of them already have somewhere between 300 to 600 links in their directories.

I have made directory submission a large part of my business model, and I think that these two directories will both provide great value to webmasters who submit to them.


Tool(s) of the Week: hard to believe how many tools came out this month...

This tool is super awesome. You enter in a keyword and a minimum PageRank and this tool returns all backlinks that link to multiple competing websites.
You have to keep their page open while it is compiling the results, the results take a while to compile, and it sends a huge email, but it is an awesome free tool.

Free C Block IP checker
Helps you quickly check small or bulk lists of sites to see if sites are on the same C block IP address.

Sites are hosted on some number like aaa.bb.cc.ddd. If the a's b's and c's are the exact same then the c block IP addresses are matching. Links from within the same c block IP address may be slightly de weighted since the may be hosted by and owned by the same companies.

If you get lots of links naturally the IP address is not a big deal, but if you are renting links and building your own networks it would be something to look out for.

AdGooroo is a brand new competitive analysis product for Google AdWords that is a bit out of the price range for most webmasters. It has cool graphs and looks useful.
It provides tips on how you should adjust your bids, but I am not sure how much better their data is than the data collected by the people who released the rather cheap tool I mentioned last newsletter (which had its name changed to:
http://www.adarchiver.com/home/index.html )

I have not tried it out, but SenseTool is a free tool which grabs your AdSense account details and makes them constantly available at the desktop level.

ClickSentry created a reciprocal link monitoring tool. I have not tried it out yet, but if you are into link swaps the tool is free.

Deep Link Ratio Tool - checks Yahoo! to determine what % of your backlinks point at inner pages. When links develop naturally and sites are well integrated into the web many links from other sites point at some of the inner pages of your site.

The Permutator is a $50 keyword list builder. It helps build up lists of relevant keyword for PPC bidding campaigns. http://www.thepermutator.com/

PostTrades is a new seo forum. On their forum they have a free tool which grabs the # of unique linking domains pointing at a website.

Recently a reader of my book named Zoran created a checksheet of places where he submitted articles to.


Book of the Week:

Grr... I need to read more.

If you would like I can give away a free copy of my ebook. First person who posts at SEO Zip and sends me a private message there with "free seo book" as the subject line gets a free one.


What Would You Like

This newsletter will only be good if I can offer what you are interested in. Please send your SEO questions or any ideas you have for things I should put in here.

My friend Nandini has created a new forum. I am helping her get it off the ground so please stop in and say hi :-)

Random happening of the Week:

Chris Ridings and crew made a funny picture / caption competition.

I was on another marketing show recently. Not sure how I sounded, but if you want to check it out...

US election this week...if you are from the US...no matter who you want to win make sure you voice your opinion at the voting booth.


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