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ABOVE the FOLD Vol. 1 issue 5.


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Tool of the Week: OptiLink link analysis software. (Full feature software is less than $250) I firmly believe that most of the link generation process should be done manually. Software set up to automate the link process is typically a bad call as it does not typically have the customer in mind.

The bad thing about Optilink is that it is against the terms of service of many search engines to use automated software to query their databases. The good thing is that it can allow you to quickly scour the web for ideas to help find valid links.
(Full feature software is less than $250 with lifetime updates)

I will give you an example idea: Ah ha (pay per click search engine) just changed its name to Enhance Interactive. I could see who is linking to Ah ha and see if they link to search engine marketing information web sites as well. If they do, then I could inform them of the change and then ask if they would consider linking to me.

If you help other people keep their websites up to date then they are more likely to help you. Other than hunting out link partners (or evaluating competition) every other portion of the link process is still done manually. You can also check backlinks manually using the search engine operators.
AllTheWeb link.all:site.com
AltaVista link:site.com -url:site.com
Google link:site.com (typically shows links from PageRank 4 and above sites)
Inktomi linkdomain:site.com -domain:site.com

or tools provided at many seo websites such as Marketleap or by downloading free software such as http://www.xybercode.com/linkpop.zip (this download is also most likely against the terms of service of many search engines)


Book of the Week: Search Engine Visibility by Shari Thurow. She does a good job of covering many of the basics with web design and helping people understand many of the concepts which search engines are based on. Many search engine books have the flaw of deeply discussing specific flavor of the moment algorithmic ideas and end up outdated before they even are printed. This book is more conceptually based and written in plain speak easy to read english. A must for beginners!



What Would You Like

This newsletter will only be good if I can offer what you are interested in. Please send your SEO questions or any ideas you have for things I should put in here.


Around the Web (news) The new look of Google

Just above the area where the organic search results appear they are now featuring related news, open directory categories, or product feeds from Froogle. Some webmasters have complained about the changes, but I think they do a good job of enhancing the quality of their search product, and it is still possible to get in the product results free.

Also they have been asking for feedback on search pages and promoting their Froogle product at the bottom of the page. (http://froogle.google.com)

Froogle is their shopping search engine which has recently had much needed improvements, and has recently been sponsored by AdWords. Currently they are promoting a free feed program to help get your products into Froogle.
about Froogle: http://froogle.google.com/froogle/about.html
merchant details: http://froogle.google.com/froogle/merchants.html
submit a free feed: http://services.google.com/froogle/merchant_email

A couple other added features to Google search are that they now allow the search of many numeric ideas such as

  • FedEx and UPS product tracking
  • FAA Airplane Registration Numbers
  • FCC Equipment Registration Numbers
  • Patent Numbers

For more info on the numeric searches visit


Random happening of the Week - please laugh

My car broke while I was too lazy to shovel snow and I was driving it hard. My broken car was a loose spark plug wire - gotta love the free fixes.


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