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And Now A Few Words From Me - Bob Garfield (of AdAge.com) candidly reviews the history of television ads, pointing out some of the most blatant errors of our time and how important it is to be relevant. Buy And Now a Few Words From Me : Advertising's Leading Critic Lays Down the Law, Once and For All

Free Prize Inside - Seth Godin wrote yet another good marketing book about many of the same ideas of his prior book.

Instead of focusing on the general statment "be remarkable" he focuses this book on how to sell ideas and how to create remarkable ideas through edgecrafting. Buy Free Prize Inside: The Next Big Marketing Idea

Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices - Christopher Locke writes a conversational book about how conventional marketing ideas are often outlandish and generally stupid.

While Incorporated means to obtain human characteristics, companies really can not do that. He shows how honesty and immersing yourself in your subject will improve your ability to sell whatever you may want to.

He is also the author of the newsletter Entropy Gradient Reversals who writes under an alter ego "Rage Boy," and was also one of the authors of the cult classic The Cluetrain Manisfesto.

Buy Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices

High Intensity Marketing - Idris Mootee is a marketing scholar who talks about marketing in marketing terms. He brings up many good points about how marketing is shifting from product, placement, price, and promotion to participation, personalizaton, peer to peer communication and predictive modeling.

To me a good marketing book emulates its own story. In my opinion this book fails to do that. I also failed to envision many of the business ideas as I work independantly. If you are into the technical side of marketing this is a great book for you. I tend to be more interested in books like those written by Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell though.

Buy High Intensity Marketing: A Comprehensive Marketing Companion for Ceos and Marketing Professionals


Nobrow - John Seabrook rants about his life. His entire life was marketing in his eyes.

While the entire book is about marketing, it is more his observations on it vice a how to manual. I thought this book was rather humorous at times and saw some great intelligence in his writing style.

Buy Nobrow : The Culture of Marketing, the Marketing of Culture 


Permission Marketing - Seth Godin launched his writing career and business with the writing of this book.

In between the covers of this marketing book is the concept that many micro sales are made to make each sale. Permission is one of the most powerful assets in the world, yet few companies know how to acquire and nurture it. Buy Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers

Positioning - Al Ries & Jack Trout explain why it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.

They also give tips on how to use the size or swimming techniques of another fish against it.

Buy Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind


Purple Cow - Seth Godin did a great job of presenting the idea he wanted others to follow. Everything about this book is remarkable, and that is the idea of the book - be remarkable.

When the marketing is the product you do not need a marketing book to show you how to sell it. It markets itself.

You will not probably be the next eBay or Hotmail, but there are a ton of small niche areas where you can explode if you add a lot of hard work and a little creativity. Buy Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell wrote probably what is my favorite book I have ever read. He talks about how it is possible to make major impacts by changing simple little things that are not always intutitvely obvious.

He uses crime, disease, smoking, suicide, sneakers and many other studies to show how simple small ideas can change marketing or society.

Buy The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

The Revenge of Brand X: How to Build A Big Time Brand - Rob Frankel offers tips on what branding is and why it is one of the most understood concepts in marketing. In addition he teaches what the title implies: how to build a big time brand.

Buy The Revenge of Brand X: How to Build A Big Time Brand - on the Web or Anywhere Else


Unleasing the Ideavirus - Seth Godin explains some of the principals in how to make an idea stick.

He had to have done someting right since this was the most downloaded eBook - ever.

you can feel free to download the eBook free, or Buy Unleashing the Ideavirus

Web Traffic Secrets for 2004 (free download) - Jaclyn Easton writes alternative ideas for getting web traffic.

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