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> What is wrong with this page

What is wrong with this page

When you create a page you should have a clear focus


Up above it says what is wrong with this page in an H1 tag, but you can hardly read it. Imagine setting your whole page backround like that. You draw focus away from the page purpose when you do things like that. You may have an image that you need to convey, but it should never overshadow your statement.

Loud pages scare people away. If you made the page hard to read and I have to use effort just to try and decipher illegible text, why should I extend the extra effort to find what you are selling. If it is not a clear option then it is not an option. Jakob Neilson is one of the more powerful people on the web and his sole focus is web usability.

If you want page views you can probably do just about whatever you want, but if you want customers you have to extend a helping had, or at least meet in the middle. When you link to sales products, services, or information you should take the extra effort to include a call to action, but only sell retating products.

If you are a CD store and an adult diaper banner crosses the screen it distracts the user and annoys them. This lowers your page focus and undermines all of your hard work. Conccider taking the extra step.

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Using music is just like super bright colors, nausiating. Your navigation should be clear and concise. If the idea you are selling has free alternatives try and find a way to promote that. If you can promote the alternative, get them half way to what you are selling and then make a favorable comparison to what you are selling you could easily make more sales as a provider of information (versus a marketer.)

Now that you are getting your site down, submit to the search engines free

visit search marketing info home for more information or search our site To recap:

  • music is usually bad
  • flash is usually bad
  • too much going on is bad
  • bright colors are bad
  • popups kill
  • banner adds are usually bad
  • under normal circumstances you should not make the page wider than what is viewable

It is also not a good idea to use the whole width of the page as it looks cleaner and gives the appearance of more content if you implement a centered table or division that houses your information!


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> What is wrong with this page
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