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Saturday, August 30, 2003
UCmore-The Search Accelerator
Searching without Search Engines? UCmore is a browser toolbar which claims to search the web without search engines. How? UCmore categorizes the web and recommends similar sites to the ones that you are surfing on by analyzing the content of the page with UCmore's database of categorized links.
Friday, August 29, 2003
Google did another update (or mini dance you could say). The Google Dance is officially dead, but the pagerank across most the sites I know have recently changed. I first noticed this when I saw the pagerank of this page go from 0 to 4. thats a good jump :) Google IBM's Path From Invention To Income
This article talks about the amazing research IBM does. The piece which is delectible is the program called Web Fountain. This product enables entire internet search (chat room, web pages, blogs, forums ...) Using Web Fountain researchers can view the activity of recently or soon to release commercial products and predict future sales as the buzz spreads. IBM's Path From Invention To Income
Digital Book Index
While I hate to be unoriginal and republish news - this is a great resource for literature. When I think of the purpose of the internet - this is the type of thing I think of DigitalBookIndex HOMEPAGE: 25,000 FREE eBooks, eTexts, On-Line Books, eDocuments
MSN 404 Error
Did anyone else notice the MSN 404 error that was up for a while? Are they REALLY changing things over there at MSN? Error
Read Lyrics - Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
I thought I heard two words of a song muffled through the crack from my roommates door. I did a search on Google "lyrics sweet caroline" and I found the song. I heard other pieces like "so good". Even if sweet caroline would not have been the title of the song I still would have found it. That is what makes the interet amazing - a small amount of knowledge coupled with desire can make anything happen. Read Lyrics - Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Google Updates Index Size
One wonders if Google intentionally left the # on its home page low just to wait on a competitor. Within a week of Overture announcing it has the largest index of the web (3,151,743,117 pages), Google has updated its pagecount on its home page from 3,083,324,652 to 3,307,998,701 pages to take the lead back. Google
Saturday, August 23, 2003
Search Engine Visibility
I read SEO on an extreme budget today as a project related to my upcoming SEO book I am writing. I was let down. I also read search engine visibility by Shari Thurow and was pleasantly surprised by what a great job she did with this book. Shari is the webmaster for Grantastic designs.
Friday, August 22, 2003
Seth Godins Ideas for Google.
Seth Godin is in all likelyhood one of the top half dozen marketers in the world. I am stoked to be going to visit him soon!!! He took submissions for ideas on how to improve Google and offered a few Google improvement ideas of his own. Google Ideas
Overture Launches World's Largest Search Index
Google has no time to lay low as things heat up. Recently Microsoft has stated that it is investing heavily in search. Overture also announced AltaVista has the largest multimedia search. Despite the changes occuring around the search world Google is still in the lead in the eyes of most. Google has the perception of providing the most relevant results and the largest web index...or Overture has recently added over a billion resources to the AllTheWeb index. AllTheWeb now has an index of 3,151,743,117 web pages whereas Google has remained reletively constant recently with an index of 3,083,324,652 web pages. The Search WARS continue! Overture Launches World's Largest Search Index - BizReport Books: Search Engine Optimization on an Extreme Budget
This book is bunk in my eyes and there is no reason to read it, other than how to learn how not to write a book on SEO! Books: Search Engine Optimization on an Extreme Budget
Google AdSense - Ad Formats
Three weeks after its last major attempt at a change Google is at it again. Google now offers 4 different AdSense layout varieties. I still am partial to the skyscraper variety! Google AdSense - Ad Formats
Wednesday, August 20, 2003
What is a doorway page?
A doorway page is a page used to direct traffic. Most ethical Search Marketers will not employ this tatic, as they would rather include all optimization into your site. Once you stop paying for the optimization, the doorway page gets taken down. Some sites are dynamic in nature and harder to optimize, this is why I like the idea of having a static home page. To get people into their dynamic website VSTORE used a doorway page Playstation 2 Games and Accessories. PS2 Systems The biggest problem with doorway pages (beyond relying on another) is that they require one additional click through the purchasing process. Wouldn't it be smarter to have all the most relevant produces right where the user enters the site?
Site level search engine
How can you talk about search engine marketing and never talk about in site search? Site level search is an important technique used to provide site level navigation when site level navigation fails. On top of this added feature you can use the record of searches performed to find out what your visitors are looking for. Sure I will ignore the "manual of zomm 505 guitar" search I just found, but some of the others may be helpful. A couple of the top third party site search providers include Atomz & Freefind I hesitate to recomend using Google or any other third party search provider which will throw a bunch of adds on your search results, as these will cause a loss of customers. Search Marketing Info - Free Search Engine Marketing Information - Yahoo! ready to ditch Google
Yahoo to test relevancy of Inktomi on a regional basis and change results to Inktomi if and when Inktomi search results are favorable to Google. - Yahoo! ready to ditch Google
Yahoo! Groups : y-search-users
There is a new Yahoo Group for the Yahoo search. With all of their recent spending on search this is a great spot to pick up on gossip and watch the evolution of Yahoo search. Yahoo! Groups : y-search-users
Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Validation Results
Validate your webpages! Validation Results
Monday, August 18, 2003
Internet measurement and online research services - Hitwise United States - real-time competitive intelligence
Hitwise allows web site owners and marketers to measure what keyword phrases were searched for before clicking through to any website, including competitors. Versus measuring this traffic through on the page scripts, Hitwise collects its data via information obtained from its ISP partners. Internet measurement and online research services - Hitwise United States - real-time competitive intelligence
Friday, August 15, 2003
Overture to add Google AdWords Features
Overture announced that it intends to introduce many of the features which give AdWords an advantage over Overture. In the near future Overture intends to add broad and phrase matching as well as a negative keywords feature.Latest internet business news : News
Thursday, August 14, 2003
Google offers free adwords advertising to 1 on 1 hosting customers
This is a brilliant feature aiming to expose more potential advertisers to the AdWords medium. Using partner programs like this and its aquired reputation Google can expand its market dominance. Web Hosting Industry News | 1&1, Google Partner to Offer Free Ads
Scumbag of the Week
I love the scumbag of the week column in the Jimworld Gazette! The whole point of the column is to reveal a top notch dirtbag in society and justly award them. I intend to syndicate the column everytime a new dirtbag is revealed. and the winner is... SpamArrest. While posing to stop spam, SpamArrest collects the emails of those sending email to a SpamArrest client and spams the hell out of these emails. A true dirtbag among dirtbags.
Yahoo! UK
Uk and other non US websites would be better off to submit their web sites to their local Yahoo directory. The US directory charges a recurring annual fee, whereas the other directories only charge a one time fee for commercial sites. For about the cost of a one year listing in Yahoo US, I am going to the office of one of the worlds best marketers for a small group seminar! Yahoo! UK & Ireland - Directory
Haveliwala, Taher H.: Topic-Sensitive PageRank
Haveliwala, Taher H.: Topic-Sensitive PageRank
Wednesday, August 13, 2003
New web search engine (Open Source)
While I am not sure an open source search engine can be a sucess, it is an awesome feet to acomplish. In September Nutch is slated to start its index. The only way I could see these results as being untainted is if the index grows to a decent size and off page criteria is heavily weighted. It is a cool concept though, and I wish them the best at Nutch
comScore Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings
Its no secret that google owns the lions share of search, but its amazing to actually see the figures. comScore Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings
Find Directories Using the OPEN DIRECTORY
The following search shows how to find directories in the open directory. Please note that while many may be outdated the basic concept is a valuable tool. Google Search: inurl:directories In addition to searching for directories you can search for more specific directories such as Art Directories. the search inurl:directories art would include all pages with directories in the url and "art" in the page copy
ATT ISP drops Overture Listings
ATT has recently dropped Overture as its search provider and switched to Google. Since Yahoo made the merger offer with Overture, ATT has considered this a conflict in interest. It does not make sense for ATT to provide revenue for strategic partners of SBC. Many critics of the Overture/Yahoo merger deal cited that Overture would potentially loose many business partners from the Yahoo alliance. The biggest concern is MSN (which provides approximately 1/3 of Overture's revenue), which is considered an obvious eventual loss. T online drops Overture Listings in Favor of Google (coverage from net imperative news) - compare things using the web - compare things using the web
Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Pagerank Uncovered
Learn all about pagerank
New search engine
While few have known much about it, Stanford programmers are hard at work developing a search engine which could potentially replace Google. Searching for the personal touch | CNET
Getting Dynamic ASP listed
By using a 404 error handling program you can get your dynamic ASP files listed. ASP 101 - Extending Your Page Names
Apache module mod_rewrite
Learn how to get dynamic content indexed on Apache servers!Apache module mod_rewrite
Monday, August 11, 2003
WebmasterWorld Yahoo News
Its one thing to quote Yahoo news, and its an entirely different venture to have news about Yahoo. A few people over at webmaster world have been noticing INKTOMI powered results on Yahoo Canada and Yahoo UK... While it may still be in a testing phase, change is sure to come soon. WebmasterWorld News and discussion for the advanced web professional
Yahoo! News - Ask Jeeves Drops Butler in New Ad Campaign
Ask Jeeves is to launch a $6 million dollar off the web advertising campaign in which the butler does not appear. Jeeves still will exist on the Ask website, but he will be nowhere to be found in the ads Yahoo! News - Ask Jeeves Drops Butler in New Ad Campaign
PageRank Calculator. WebWorkshop
Another PageRank ToolPageRank Calculator. WebWorkshop
Google's PageRank Tool �y�[�W�����N��f�[�^�Z���^�[���Ɍ���c�[��
Another Google Pagerank Tool. Can you name that language Japanese I see Google's PageRank Tool �y�[�W�����N��f�[�^�Z���^�[���Ɍ���c�[��
Estimate your PageRank without the Google toolbar
A neet tool for estimating pagerank Estimate your PageRank without the Google toolbar
There is a directory for everything. You just have to be creative enough to figure out how to find it, and how you fit in it. For a list of directories you can view my directories page and to find directories you can use my tips to find web directories YooNoHoo! directory for people believing in creativity :)
Search Engine Spam Reporting Source
Recently a new spam reporting service has been created aiming at manually informing all the major search engines and directories of spam. While it is still new, you never know what may happen! You can join for free and help stop search engine and directory spam. Search Engine Spam Reporting Source
Sunday, August 10, 2003
As We May Think by Vannevar Bush
As We May Think by Vannevar Bush: "Presumably man's spirit should be elevated if he can better review his shady past and analyze more completely and objectively his present problems." This Vannevar Bush quote was said by the CIO of Overture, and was extremely hard for me to find. I forgot Bush's first name. try searching for "Bush shady past" on any search engine and see if the current president does not drown out this great quote... At the end of "Designing web usability" Jakob Neilson referenced Vannevar and that may have pleased me more than the rest of the book! This shows how great resources cross reference one another and often learn from the same source. Google Search: Bush shady past find out more interesting information on Vannevar Google Search: Vannevar Bush
ASP 101 - Cheating Google (and Spiders)
While spam is not a good thing, I find it intriguiging that the same company that purchased searchenginewatch would offer an ASP tutorial on how to cheat search engine spiders by showwing them alternate content than the page viewer. ASP 101 - Cheating Google (and Spiders)
Google Search: google pr tool
Google can not find what I want when I type this... Perhaps because it does not want me to find this, or those with a tool do not know how to optimize their own content (which is weird.) The main focus of this search results page is the alarming advertising off to the right. A google Tshirt has nothing to do with google pr tool A directory of PR firms has nothing to do with a google pr tool A tool manufacturer has nothing to do with a google pr tool the general point of this is that most people who use adwords do not know how to effectively use them. bidding on a single word is almost always a failure as it is not selective. to use adwords properly off the start [exact matches] and multi word querries would be a great idea Google Search: google pr tool
Saturday, August 09, 2003
Google Watch: Daniel Brandt
I think it is a praody. Daniel Brandt is complaining that his inner pages do not have a high pagerank and that the whole world does not get to hear his opinion on everyone else in the world. Newsflash, if Google gave only your opinion then it would be called Brandtoogle... but its not. He is angry that the inner pages to his Namebase website do not list well and claims a conspiracy theory. Yelling about weblogs and all of googles other sins at Google Watch, he lets you know he has gone to far, or is just dumb when other people create sites about his site Google Watch Watch Either Daniel Brandt is an extremely stupid idealist or a smart marketer. At least today, you know of his website. EVEN IF YOU DID NOT BEFORE good marketing does not look like marketing and today I spoke of a person I did not know of before today
Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road
Internet marketing rules by the FTC. Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road
High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum
HIgh Rankings has recently created a help forum. Jill and co are quick to answer questions, so don't be shy! High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum
Friday, August 08, 2003
Google Search: ebay lawsuit
Ebay and the electronic world are starting to form with outside the web legal help. I think there is some extremely hippocritical crap going on with eBay. If you search for many trademarked terms on many top web portals you will find that eBay has bid to list well on these terms. eBay sent a notice to Google with intentions of stopping people from bidding on words such as "eBay" "bay" ... When eBay lists under exact trademarked terms of major companies older than anyone in eBay, who are they to say who can bid on the word "bay." This has to be one of the dumbest business moves I have heard of in a while. Look on Google and you will see that eBay has over 100,000 resources written about "eBay lawsuit." Its one thing to protect yourself, but to be blatently hypicritical on any level is dumb. When general purpose words are trademarked so as to control the usage, the words become wothless. eBay is trying to help mankind take a big step backwards. Google Search: ebay lawsuit
Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Google Dance
The people at Google value humor and so they created a party called the Google Dance. The name "Google Dance" came about when referencing the monthly update Google does to its cache. Google is said to be changing to a rolling update technique. Recently the dance updates have not been monthly, in fact it is close to two months since Google has done the Dance. Google Dance 2002
Seth's God-in Marketing
As far as marketers go, few can ignore the genius that Seth Godin offers. I liked what books of his I have read so far and would like to offer you access to this amazing marketing genius. (His home site) Below are links to his best selling ebook (The Bootstrappers Bible), his weblog, and his most recent book (Purple Cow)
Tuesday, August 05, 2003
BlogAdNet - Dynamic Blog Advertising
BlogAdNet - a great idea. Currently it would cost millions of dollars to produce and effectively advertise a branded general cost per click search engine. The way to avoid the extreme expense is to simply create something worthwhile that captures a niche. This is a great example, and in due time they may do well because people can see this is a great idea, and it does not hurt that they are one of the first movers in this market (less Google who bought blogger.) I would say the Google Adsense program is going to be somewhat hard to compete with, but this is a great idea. The only way to compete in markets like these are to be first in field movers. BlogAdNet - Dynamic Blog Advertising
Monday, August 04, 2003
Google Struggles to find some forms of spam - invisible text at the bottom of a PR5 home page
Bhanvad they actually cleaned up the site since I pointed out the spam, but originally this was about a full screen worth of invisible text with words such as "free add url". As a directory your are providing a great service to site owners, frequently for free. Just by providing good service you can get people to list sites. It makes no sense to spam the search engines with invisible "free add url" as they did at
Submit to Everyone Site Submitter
This is the perfect thing to stay away from. When they actually list submission options to search engines that no longer exist, or ones that are not accepting submissions (WiseNut) you know it is garbage. The bad part is when you fill out that email... and the spam rolls in. Site Submitter Notice one of the search engines they submit your site and email to offers a submission offer to 36,000 search engines, including DMOZ...yeh right Web Squash
Sunday, August 03, 2003
Garbage Traffic - not worth a cent
This is an example of why some of the mid level and more premium pay per click search engines can justify a premium price on their clicks. Once you start dealing with really small unknown web sites it is easy to have a large portion of the traffic draw created by automated scumbag programs such as this one: Scumbag Clicking Agent Even though the purpose of this program is to defraud hundreds, thousands, and maybe even millions of people it still has licensing fees. They state you can run the program on two computers and have to pay an additional $50 for every computer after that. How dumb are they? If you were buying something to steal, why would you pay for it again once you already have it. Email to Dirtbag I read about this software from the Jimworld Gazette
Submitting a Site to The Open Directory Project
Understanding the internet requires a little bit of time surfing to figure out what is important and what is not. While not being listed in any particular directory can be overcame using other techniques it is important to list in the ones you can. Listing in these directories provides static links for search engines to find your site and also helps them to understand what your site is specifically about. It is important to follow the guidelines of the directories when listing a website in them. Some links you may be able to make really optimized. This technique requires a good bit of creativity when listing in directories as the top directories are highly selective and may not even view your site if the listing is spammy. Submitting a Site to The Open Directory Project
Saturday, August 02, 2003
Weblogs are still used somewhat rarely when considering the web as a whole. Many people do not realize the power of the internet and have outdated content. With Weblogs (blogs, ezines, journals...) it is easy to constantly provide up to date data that can be read or heard from around the world. By providing audio audblog allows your viewers to here current information from a phone call. This crosses over the impersonal boundaries the web offers and is a step in the correct direction toward a more honest and open media. People with little understanding of the internet can post their beleifs or confrence updates via a phone. Think how impressed some CEOs would be by the person who brought this to their attention :) audblog
Google Search: usability
Many SEO experts can optimize web pages for great traffic. What happens to this traffic is at least as important as the amount of traffic coming in. Website usability is a must in any optimization campaign. Anyone who offers professional search marketing services without at least noting the current state of the usability of a website should be questioned. I will not pretend to be the worlds foremost GURU on usability, but at least I know how to find the information. If you watch my website over the next month or so you will see a dramatic change in the appearance, functionality, and organization of this web site.

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