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Thursday, July 31, 2003
Keyword Suggestion Tool
Keywords should not be single words, but should be keyword phrases to maximize potential relevancy, rankings, and click throughs. Overture takes an "inventory" of last months clicks on its site and some of its partners. Please note this is not good for seasonal or other factor driven traffic changes. Overture- Search Term Suggestion Tool A more advanced tool has been created by a company called WordTracker. This tool gives competition levels, and more importantly it has a full feature thesaurus. While it is not free, it is one of the cornerstones of many SEO firms. This tool can be used for various subscription lengths, and is available for about $6 if you just want to try it for a day, and they also have a free trial if you would like to see what WordTracker is about. Wordtracker
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Do not forget Inktomi
While it is true that MSN is developing its own search engine it is important to consider that Yahoo is the most visited destination on the web. With all the money Yahoo has recently spent purchasing search engines it is obvious they intend to power their own search soon. Many people are optimizing for Google and not for Inktomi. While optimizing for Google is important, it is a good idea to get some top Inktomi listing web pages as they will soon become more important. Inktomi Home Page
Monday, July 28, 2003
Capturing Dynamic Backlinks for PR
While in the grand scheme of things it will cause little variation in your rankings, it may help some to capture dynamic backlinks to your site. Essentially, search for something you know you list near the top on and provide a static link to that executed search. It is simple and easy to get a few PR4 links pointing at your site free :) There are two negatives to this approach. First, you are also adding links to your competitors sites. Second, you have to find a way to incorporate these links into your design. Votre recherche pour : "search-marketing" ".info" Earthlink Search Marketing Info Yahoo Comcast New York Times AOL AllTheWeb search marketing info Ask I could continue on getting links to my site from other similar sources, but it would indicate a fundamental flaw if this was my only source of links. If you have edgy content then these type of links may be a good idea if you feel few will link to your site. More often than not though, none of us are so isolated that others do not think alike. If you are creative you should be able to find links to supliment this idea. Please note, this dynamic backlink idea only works if you are listed in search engines already.
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Vivisimo Document Clustering - automatic categorization and content integration software -
Vivismo is a clustering meta search engine. While meta search is not an amazing technology, the concept of clustering is one which is ever increasing in importance. The US government gave a one million dollar grant to Vivismo to support its technology under the Homeland Security Act. Vivisimo Document Clustering - automatic categorization and content integration software -
Friday, July 25, 2003
Overture exceeds profit forcasts
Recently Overture and Ask Jeeves both released their quarlerly reports which indicated solid growth and rising profits for each company. Both stocks took to the positive as investors liked what they saw. More and more people are realizing the powerful business which search has became. Overture Quartlerly Report - The Register Ask Jeeves Quarterly Report - Yahoo
Looksmart Paid Click Milestone
Looksmart recently raised its rates for all clicks over the first 5000 monthly clicks based on category specific rates. This was done around the same time as Looksmart had sold its one billionth paid click, Looksmart is the "first paid search inclusion provider to reach this milestone." MediaDailyNews 07-25-03
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Google Search: welcome to
Welcome to: these are useless words in search engine marketing. Over 54 million pages in the google index contain "welcome to." The page title is a horrible place to perform branding or to offer salutations. Using welcome to in your page title dilutes the relevancy of your page title, which is easily one of the top 5 factors on any and every search engine. welcome to: poor relevancy Google Search: welcome to Page titles should contain keywords with the begining of the page title being your most important or most targeted term(s).
Alexa Related Info for:
I figure I should try to make at least one post a day. Alexa is a third party web site ranking service which Amazon uses to generate traffic in sales. Since Amazon wants Alexa to be known a source for good information and they have great capital to work with, the Alexa web rank is a fair judgement of traffic a web site receives. Keep in mind that the traffic tracked by Alexa is small relative to the overall size of the web. More than as a primary indication, I like to use Alexa as a backup indication for popularity of a web site. Related Info for:
Monday, July 21, 2003
Pricing Details for LookSmart LookListings
Pricing Details for LookSmart LookListings Looksmart changed from a flat 15 cents per click to category rates. Anything over 5000 clicks will be billed by category price
Sunday, July 20, 2003
Google Pagerank
Google PageRank Tool Google does not like automated querries on its system and they may be in violation of the Google users terms. With that being said, mac owners sometimes struggle to find out what their PageRank is. This handy Google Pagerank Tool can be used to grab your Google Pagerank in a jiffy. warning - this tool is not in english. Please do not abuse the Google Pagerank tool as that would be in violation of Google's user agreement. :)
seotie Search Engine Marketing
seotie - search engine marketing SEO tie is a simple search marketing web site ran by a single script. undestanding simplicity and not placing too much on their site is what makes SEO tie great. SEO tie simply notifies by email when a site gets listed in DMOZ.
Google and Search Engine Marketing Weblogs
Blogging is a great addition to quick updates to any website. The new google toolbar allows you to reference anything and immediately post message. Just for cross referencing, I do not think there are many quality search engine marketing Blogs on the web. Just a quick run down of the top weblogs covering Google and Search Marketing: SearchEngineBlog Google Blog Traffick and Daypop is the original blog search engine
Why Google Bought Blogger, why Blogging is good
Since this is my first real attempt at a blog I think it would be a great idea to reference why they became so popular and why they started appearing so heavily in search results. Blogs by there very nature are easy to have and maintain. Blogs have many advantages such as quick posting, low cost, and low maintenance requirements. Another fundamental benifit of weblogs is that they are date time stamped. This lowers the otherwise lengthy process of updating large content sites when important information changes. (Such as Yahoo buying Overture) Although blogs are rather new and like .03 % of the web is using them they have many links cross referencing one another. Due to this insestious nature of weblogs they skew the importance of their existance with this large link count. Many people who own blogs are also going to college, and colleges are where most of the web started. The high pagerank of these pages is transfered to these blogs, which cause them to have rather high rankings with little to no justification. Google bought blogger for a few important reasons. Blogging was appearing to be "the next big thing." A company in Google's position can not afford to miss out on the next big thing. Google also implemented its Google adsense program on the blogs hosted at blogspot. Google also knew these blogs were eroding their search results. By purchasing blogger, Google can better understand blogging and work to remove blogs from their search results.
Search Engine Consolidation
It is no big secret that consolidation of media is currently occuring within the United States. With the purchase of Overture, Yahoo now owns 3 of the 5 most well know english crawlers. This leaves only Yahoo, Google, and Ask Jeeves as major players in the search market. Microsoft is making its own search engine, but it remains to be seen what they will create. Here is the begining of the MSN search engine with the Beta version of MSN Search.

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